Pavel Rombakh Offers Tips On Decorating Your Home

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Pavel Rombakh Tips On Decorating Your Home Pavel Rombakh Tips On Decorating Your Home

As a contractor, Pavel Rombakh is always receiving questions about how to re-decorate a home, especially after renovations. Here are some of his favorite solutions for home decorating.


With over a decade of experience, remodeling and flipping homes, Pavel Rombakh understands the amount of work that goes into home decorating and remodeling.


Home restoration can seem overwhelming and time-consuming, but it can go incredibly smoothly if you pay attention to a few key tips that Pavel Rombakh has learned along the way.


“When people hire us to prepare a property to sell or to decorate a home, one of the biggest tips I tell them is to always plan ahead,” explained Pavel Rombakh. “Proper planning can save you time and keep you on budget.”


When you plan ahead, Pavel Rombakh also suggests organizing projects by each room in your house. The fastest way to get behind when redecorating a home is to try and do the whole house at once. Start with the room that is most important to you, and then working your way out, decorate one room at a time.


Pavel Rombakh also reminds clients that matching every room in the house is not the best approach. Your home can have as much personality as you, so Pavel Rombakh always recommends taking risks as you are decorating your house. The biggest reminder is to add a unifying element, it could be as simple as a type of color or decor that can tie all of the rooms together.


Pavel Rombakh Recommends Figuring Out Your Style

If you can hone in on a specific design style that you gravitate toward for the interior of your home, you have worked through the hardest part of the process. An easy rule is to use the same type of style for the interior as for the exterior of the home. For instance, if your home is a ranch, you should think about dark rich wood pieces and earth tones that will give the inside of your home the same great feeling like the outside.


As you prepare your home to be sold, Pavel Rombakh always recommends that you focus on the biggest piece of furniture in each room you are decorating first. This will usually be the focal point of every room and typically the most expensive. It’s important to always start here because you will end up decorating around this piece and adding accents and other parts that compliment it.


Decorating your home doesn’t have to be a marathon and with years of experience as a contractor and remodeling homes, Pavel Rombakh is here to walk you through the entire process.


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