Pediatric Truncus Arteriosus: Learn More About This Devastating Condition From Fundraising Advocate Ryan Alvey

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Pediatric Truncus Arteriosus Learn More About This Devastating Condition From Fundraising Advocate Ryan Alvey Pediatric Truncus Arteriosus Learn More About This Devastating Condition From Fundraising Advocate Ryan Alvey

Pediatric truncus arteriosus, also known as common truncus, is a birth defect and congenital health condition that affects around 300 American families each year. Ryan Michael Alvey, whose own family has been directly affected by this difficult condition, has dedicated himself to serve as a fundraising advocate for the cause for many years.

“My family and colleagues are dedicated to raising money to fund crucial research around truncus arteriosus,” says Ryan Michael Alvey. He shares, “It’s important for groundbreaking, cutting-edge research to be funded around this little-known, often misunderstood condition. This research will allow this heart condition to be better diagnosed, treated, managed, and prevented.” To that end, Ryan Alvey is one of the top fundraising advocates in the country for this disorder.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, truncus arteriosus is a congenital birth defect in which only one blood vessel comes out of the heart instead of two, leaving the pulmonary artery and the aorta connected and putting stress on the heart. It is usually diagnosed during pregnancy with a fetal echocardiogram and other forms of prenatal screening. If it’s not caught during an ultrasound and in subsequent testing during pregnancy, it’s usually noticed and diagnosed shortly after birth.

“Truncus arteriosus can affect babies and children for years to come,” says Ryan Alvey. “Babies with the heart condition may have difficulty eating and sustaining themselves properly, so they might need to see a specialist to help with adequate nutrition.” Alvey continues, “They might also have to have surgery or take medications to treat and manage the condition.”

Ryan Michael Alvey shares that common truncus is not only stressful on children, but on their families and loved ones as well. “The fundraising projects I work with on this health condition help to raise awareness of what parents can do to take care of themselves as they struggle to manage their child’s truncus arteriosus.”

Ryan Alvey is a startup growth expert and project management aficionado with over 15 years of dedicated work experience. Over the course of Ryan Alvey’s illustrious, diverse career, in which he has worked with burgeoning startups as well as both large and mid-sized corporations, he has closed well over $10 billion in international contracts and grown businesses to over $100 million in annual revenues.

Additionally, Ryan Michael Alvey has managed international teams of over 300 people, specializing in efficiency management, boosting productivity, and troubleshooting complex problems. Over the years, Ryan Michael Alvey has also become well-known in the area of investment advisement and portfolio management.

Most importantly, Ryan Michael Alvey is also a dedicated father. Ryan Alvey and his beloved wife, Jamie Alvey, have been married for 13 years, and they are proud parents to three daughters. Ryan Alvey’s love of children and deep commitment to family, as well as his desire to be involved in his community at the grassroots and local level, is partly what drives him to support fundraising projects that help parents, babies, and children.