Pedro Shanahan, Host of The Spirit Guide Society, Takes Audiences on an Explosive Journey of the Senses!

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Pedro Shanahan Pedro Shanahan

Liquor tasting is an art unto itself. Capturing the essence of this art, The Spirit Guide Society’s podcast isn’t simply insightful, it also lets audience members, listeners, and budding distillers experience century-old traditions in a whole new way.

The podcast airs twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. Guests are treated to the whimsical stylings of host, liquor connoisseur and all-around entertainer, Pedro Shanahan.

Liquor Tasting Gets a Transformative Makeover

Shanahan operates the Seven Grand Whiskey Society, Las Perlas’ Mezcal Collective, and the Rum Society at Caña Rum Bar. More than just liquor, Shanahan has distilled an expertise through the years, one that can only be described as legendary.

Having worked with some of the best suppliers in the world like Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich, Jack Daniels, and Maker’s Mark, the professional taster always has an engaging story or two up his sleeve.

Each episode shines the spotlight on some of the most iconic international liquor spokespersons. Guided by Shanahan, they spill on the vibrant history of their brand, illuminate every nuance of flavor, and invite audience members to let each beverage take them on a journey of the senses.

Whiskey, rum, tequila, and mezcal; guests find that every session of The Spirit Guide Society podcast is peppered with the host’s easy banter and sharp wit in, dare we say great taste!

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Conducted at any one of the hospitality group’s 25 locations across LA, The Spirit Guide Society podcast is a deep dive into culture, tradition, and mystique.

Etched in Pedro Shanahan’s DNA is his ability to combine entertainment with his Shakesperian training; adding a unique twist to each session. His first order of business? Putting guests at ease and encouraging them to leave their inhibitions at the door.

“With The Spirit Guide Society, we hope to infuse a deeper education and appreciation for liquor in our guests so that they can experience the world in a more…sensitive way,” Shanahan says in the premiere episode of the podcast.

Animatedly gesturing to the audience, he continues, “This is meant to sharpen your ability to smell and taste in a community forum, where you can share your ideas and opinions in a safe space that everyone enjoys.”

Different flavor profiles spark different memories. So whether they are tasting the spicy astringency of a Tennessean whiskey or the woody caramel overtones of an aged Carribean rum, the audience is soon abuzz with poignant childhood stories, emotionally charged experiences, and long-forgotten memories.

Guests Find Solidarity and Make Rare Connections

The Spirit Guide Society seeks to connect audiences on a human level through the power of a shared narrative. In a recent podcast, Whyte & Mackay’s Director of Education, Craig Bridger, had a treat for his avid crowd; a flavorful Scottish malt from the Dalmore!

He mused, “Traditionally, we’ve all tended to go, okay, here in the Lowlands, we make this kind of whiskey, and in the Highlands, they have this style of whiskey. I’m not sure that’s true anymore. With innovative and modern techniques, I could make an Islay style whiskey at a facility I built at the Dalmore if I want to.”

This philosophy speaks volumes to the blurring geographic boundaries. Whiskey sommeliers are willing to create something new; something that reinforces the commonality between every person in the liquor community, irrespective of background.

Simply by attending a The Spirit Guide Society tasting, guests feel this connection too. Getting people together to share their thoughts, ideas, and memories with other individuals they don’t know is therapeutic. Something as simple as an alcoholic beverage can bring people together like nothing else can.

Leave With a More Enlightened Worldview

The Spirit Guide Society imparts unforgettable lessons that guests can take well beyond the bar. After 30 minutes or so of being exposed to Pedro Shanahan’s effervescent personality and some delicious liquors, new friendships are forged. The audience finds that they are more receptive to things they may typically take for granted.

Tasting the finest and most desired liquors at The Spirit Guide Society is an experience; one that enlivens the person to the scents and sights around them.

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