Perks Group Extends New Partnership to Arkansas and Mississippi State Employees

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One of the largest affinity programs in the country, Perks Group delivers one of the largest selection of deals and discounts for members no matter which state they’re in. Recently, Perks Group has partnered with Arkansas and Mississippi State organizations to provide their employees access to the network’s list of daily savings. 

After decades of continued improvements, Perks Group has set itself apart from other affinity programs, namely in the availability of deals and sheer number of members. To date, Perks Group has assembled millions of nationwide members who can present coupons at stores in all 50 states as well as access exclusive online deals. Through the PerksConnection app, members can save on brand name purchases, travel expenses, everyday necessities, and more. 

The Perks program excels in user-friendly applications, whether members choose to access their discounts on a computer, smartphone, or smart device. Additionally, the program is free of point systems and gimmicks that would hold members back from making regular purchases. Instead, they can enjoy updated offerings every day of the year without gatekeeping. 

Perks Group delivers real savings and state-of-the-art accessibility that help the group stand out as an industry-leader among affinity programs. Its versatile methods of savings and its wide network consistently draw in new merchants and encourage new partnerships with respected institutions. Recently, Perks Group has partnered with Arkansas and Mississippi State organizations to provide their employees daily savings. 

Mississippi State Personnel Board

Partnering with the Mississippi State Personnel Board (MSPB), Perks Group now provides state employees exclusive discounts from thousands of merchants. Accessing deals and savings is easy; state employees simply log in to their hub or onto their PerksConnection app where they search by city or zip code to find available deals. Once they’re found, members can use online links, printable coupons, and access codes to save on their purchases whichever method they prefer. Entry is free for employees, and they can begin saving immediately after signing up. 

“We are excited to offer state employees an additional benefit as a way to say thank you for

their hard work,” said Stephanie Cummins, MSPB chair. “We look forward to working with

PerksConnect in the coming weeks to add more local vendors to the list.”

Arkansas State Employee Association 

For those with positions in the Arkansas State Employees Association (ASEA), saving at major retailers, hotels, restaurants, online stores, and theme parks is as easy as following instructions in the Perks program hub. In addition, ASEA family members can also signup for PerksConnection access to save on everyday purchases and receive discounts on gift cards to major retailers. 

Perks Group members can present coupons at both brick and mortar locations and online retailers to save on a variety of items––necessities and luxuries alike. And since PerksConnection can be accessed by any device with an internet connection, members can save money locally and as they travel to any region of the country.