Perks Group Members like Portland Public School Employees Access Savings Quickly Internet App

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A national leader in affinity programs, Perks Group has maintained a reputation for excellence and progress through the years as they’ve continued improving their member offerings and user experience. Perks has expanded the way they connect members to deals and today allow those like Portland Public School employees to access national discounts right from their computers or smart devices.

Perks Group is recognized as an industry leader and offers some of the most sophisticated and tech-savvy ways for members to locate deals and save money. Through PerksConnection, Portland Public School employees interact with a user-friendly and state-of-the-art interface that can be accessed on a computer, a smartphone, or any smart device with an internet connection. In just three decades, Perks Group has attracted millions of other national members and thousands of retailers and brands into their wide-reaching affinity network.

The massive network is a major resource for both the merchants who gain countless new customers and the members who earn exclusive savings from major retailers. Through Perks Group, merchants can showcase new products or current deals to a wide network of eager buyers, and members can save money on everyday items, luxuries, brand-name merchandise, traveling expenses and more. Member groups include university staff or alumni, county employees, hospitality workers and professionals like Portland Public School employees.

There are dozens of reasons why Perks Group is considered a leader in their field and plenty of convenient resources for members and merchants to enjoy. One of their most notable features, however, is the sophisticated interface that is simple while providing end-to-end money-saving solutions. In the PerksConnection hub, members can search for deals by city, state, and zip code to find discounts either locally or when traveling. All they need is an internet connection and a smart device that can access the hub through a web application. Alternatively, members can download a smartphone app that makes accessing deals as easy as thumbing through social media apps.

Instead of complicated search processes, users simply type in a location and receive a populated list of deals in the area of their choice. This ability to access deals quickly on any smart device sets the company apart, as Perks Group members can easily save money at home or while traveling to any of the fifty states. But it’s not the only option members have to save; members can present discounts in-store through their phones, through a link when shopping online, by calling an 800 number and providing a value code, or through traditional coupons that members can print out.

The Perks Group program allows millions of members across the country access to one of the most inclusive and far-reaching affinity networks available today, and the comprehensive Perks application ensures all members can easily save money at home and on the go.