Perks Group Provides National Discounts to Suffolk County Court Employees Association

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An industry leader in affinity programs for decades, Perks Program offers one of the nation’s largest available networks of merchants and savings. Members of the Suffolk County Court Employees Association and their families can now enjoy Perks Group deals across the country.

Millions of Perks Group members in all 50 states have daily access to exclusive deals and savings through their PerksConnection app, which can be pulled up online or through a smartphone application. Within the program, members can search for local deals on everyday items or enter a city or zip code for discounts in other locations when traveling.

Perks Group is able to provide such extensive deals to its members because of the thousands of partnerships they have secured with major brands across the country. This allows them to offer services to universities, educational facilities, state and county employees and others. Today, Perks is proud to offer members of the Suffolk County Court Employees Association access to their industry-leading affinity program.

As part of the Suffolk County Court Employees Association Perks Program, members can save thousands of dollars annually on things like dining, local attractions, travel, shopping, gift cards and more. Entrance to the merchant network allows members to gain access to deals and earn cash back from major retailers like Walmart, Target, BestBuy, Microsoft, and JCPenny among other notable businesses. No matter if they travel across the states or hang locally, members can access and present deals through any smartphone or smart device with an internet connection.

Starting up a Perks Program membership is fast and easy, and it doesn’t cost new members any money. They simply navigate to the PerksConnection website, click “Activate your Account Now” and fill in the required fields, including a provided group number. From there, members can immediately access deals through links and codes for online savings, and they can use their digital membership card within the app to earn cash at physical locations. For members who would rather keep a hard copy of their membership card on hand, they can simply print a copy from their user hub online.

Today, the deals offered within Perks Group programs have been implemented into over a thousand major corporations, colleges, and alumni associations across America. Perks began offering exclusive savings in 1988 as an employer-sponsored savings program for large companies. They have grown to accommodate millions of members across the country with one-of-a-kind savings at major retailers from coast to coast. The PerksConnect user hub is easy to use and connects members to discounts without any point systems or gimmicks.

As the number of national merchants within in the network rises, Perks Group is able to continue offering more savings and larger coverage to members like the Suffolk County Court Employees Association.