Perks Group Remains an Industry Leader by Delivering Unparalleled Benefits to Merchants and Members

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Perks Group Perks Group

Through the Perks Group program, millions of nationwide members can save on a variety of everyday purchases and get exclusive deals to major brand name retailers. Alternatively, Perks Group offers wide exposure for new and current merchants where they showcase products and help increase sales.

An industry leader in affinity programs for decades, Perks Group secures memberships from millions of people across the country and has recruited thousands of respected merchants. The program Perks has created is mutually beneficial for both sides as it provides top-notch resources and a massive network of deals. Because of this, the Perks program has gained a reputation as one of the country’s largest and fastest-growing affinity programs.

Perks Group first started offering an employer-sponsored savings program in 1988, though at the time it was only available to companies with over a thousand employees. Today, the PerksConnection app connects members and merchants from a variety of professional fields and company sizes. They’ve grown to accommodate major corporations, colleges, alumni associations, partner groups, and many other establishments to offer one-of-a-kind savings across the country.

Through PerksConnection, members can access savings and deals in a convenient and user-friendly program and search for discounts based on location. Members access rotating discounts across the continental U.S. to save on gym memberships, luxury gifts, movie tickets, vacation expenses, dining opportunities and much more. Additionally, the program announces new merchant companies and provides a spotlight for their available and upcoming offerings throughout the year.

It’s a mutually beneficial program for both members and merchants that proves to only increase in value as the network grows. Members gain exclusive savings from a massive network of providers that allows them to earn real cash back without having to rely on temperamental point systems. And because Perks Group has established a national network of discounts, members can choose to shop online, locally at major retailers, or save money on purchases while traveling throughout any of the 50 states.

Participating merchants are at a unique advantage with all the exposure they get from joining a network as large as Perks Group provides. When new merchants sign on to the program, they are announced to corporate clients in their area as well as to members who follow program ads and links to make purchases. Also within the program, merchants can post information about their business and new or upcoming discounts on the Perks Group member hub. They also gain free management tools that save time and help their products sell more easily.

Perks Group brings together consumers, local and national merchants, manufacturers and distributors under one convenient program that provides real benefit to all involved. To date, over 200,000 business locations in the U.S. honor Perks Group discounts, and the affinity program continues to grow and take on both new merchants and members every day.