Perks Group Retains Hospitals and Health Groups for Years in Extensive Membership Network

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Since the first days of affinity programs, Perks Group has been a leading provider with one of the widest networks of merchants and members in the country. Because of their unparalleled offerings, the Perks program retains respected medical facilities like Tampa General Hospital and Bethesda Health Group. 


Perks Group has been a national leader in affinity programs for over three decades, connecting millions of members with exclusive savings on a range of items and services. Members can save on everyday items, traveling expenses, luxury purchases and more in all state across the country. 


Through their variety of deals and savings, Perks attracts businesses and organizations from all industries and offers their employees access to a growing list of discounts. Members can redeem savings both online and at brick-and-mortar locations, making it easier than ever to earn real cash back. Today, Perks Group is one of the broadest and most inclusive affinity programs in operation.


Affinity programs such as Perks offer a professional partnership around a network of discounted purchases from merchants. Members gain access to an exclusive and ongoing list of deals from major brands and retailers, and the merchants who provide those deals gain a wide network of new customers. 


Perks Group makes it easy for their members to save; all they need to do is login to their PerksConnection hub through a smart device or computer and receive a refreshed list of available deals. Members get access to real, beneficial savings at home and on the road when accessing their hub through any device with an internet connection. 


The Perks Group program provides one of the nation’s largest and most sought-after network of merchants, and boasts one of the largest membership followings. Because of Perks’ dedication to excellence, medical affiliations like Tampa General Hospital and the Bethesda Health Group have renewed their membership for five years or more. 


Bethesda Health Group


Bethesda Health Group provides exceptional living, care, and services to seniors through state-of-the-art retirement communities and programs that keep focus on care in the home and in the community. Their focus is on quality and value to their patients, and they currently employ more than a thousand people who can now enjoy the diverse savings of the Perks Group network. In addition to regular savings on everyday items and deals while traveling, Bethesda Health Group members receive discounts of gift cards from brand name retailers.


Tampa General Hospital


Tampa General Hospital is a private not-for-profit hospital in Tampa Bay. Today, it’s considered one of the most comprehensive medical facilities in West Central Florida. The hospital currently serves more than ten counties, which span a population of over 4 million people. As one of the largest hospitals groups in Florida, it’s one of the region’s largest employers. With access to Perks Group, Tampa General Hospital employees can save money on food, gas, entertainment, traveling, vacationing expenses, everyday needs and more through their convenient PerksConnection app.