Perks Group Welcomes City and Government Employees into National Affinity Program

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Through decades of outstanding service, Perks Group has climbed to a national leader in affinity programs thanks to their unparalleled offerings, flexible savings, and user-friendly platform; They are proud to offer employees from the City of Billing, MT and the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) access to their exclusive national network of deals

Since 1988, Perks Group has partnered with merchant groups across the country to offer their members exclusive deals on name brand items from coast to coast. Thousands of businesses look to Perks to reward their employees with savings on everyday items, luxury purchases, food, travel, and more. Today, government employees from the City of Billing, MT and members of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) have access to Perks discounts that can be redeemed anywhere in the country.

Perks Group regularly updates their deals and expands their network with new merchants, which helps draw in loyal members all the time. The program doesn’t rely on point systems or gimmicks so members can freely make purchases and search for deals without worrying about limitations.

Perks Group has secured loyal partnerships with thousands of businesses and professional establishments over the years, including many government bodies. Among those with new memberships are the City of Billing employees and those from the American Federation of Government Employees.

The American Federation of Government Employees

AFGE is an American labor union that currently represents more than 670,000 employees who work for the federal government. In addition, the union represents around 5,000 employees from Washington D.C. and a few hundred private sector employees in and around federal facilities.

AFGE is recognized today as the largest union for civilian, non-postal federal employees. Today, employees from AFGE can access Perks Group savings online and in physical locations in all 50 states.

City of Billing Employees

Those who work for the city of Billing, Montana also have the exclusive privilege of accessing regularly-updated discounts from major name brand retailers as Perks Group members. City of Billing employees will be able to redeem discounts with online retailers or gift card sellers and can find plenty of local deals and savings while traveling through their PerksConnect app.

The PerksConnect app makes it extremely easy for Perks Group members to locate deals that meet their diverse needs. All members must do to access deals is login to their member hub through either a computer or smart device with an internet connection and search for deals using a city, state, or zip code. The sophisticated system then presents all the available deals in the area by category.

Perks Group reaches members in every state and presents some of the greatest, most exclusive savings of any affinity network available today. And while the available savings change throughout the year, members can always expect to find an ongoing list of deals in their PerksConnect hub.