Phaze Concrete Experts List 8 Steps for Acid Staining Concrete

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Get the modern look you’ve always dreamed of using eight staining guidelines by Phaze Concrete.

Instead of covering dull concrete floors with another material, it may be wise to consider acid staining. New and old concrete alike can benefit from this beauty makeover. Adding color to a concrete floor, patio, driveway, or deck is a great way to transform any existing space completely.

Acid staining provides a mottled, translucent finish and can be applied to almost all types of concrete. The experts at Phaze Concrete note that in addition to a dramatic effect, acid staining helps keep the floors easy to clean and maintain. It is best left to professionals due to the complicated nature of the project. However, some people decide to try it on their own. Phaze Concrete lists eight proven steps for achieving great results from concrete acid staining. 

  1. Clean the Concrete

Phaze Concrete experts recommend cleaning the concrete to remove all dirt, debris, oil, and paint. It is not recommended to use an acid-based cleaner. Phaze Concrete suggests trying mineral spirits or warm water instead. 

  1. Choose Multiple Color Options

Usually, the finish acid stain on the floor does not match what was shown on the color chart. Phaze Concrete explains that because every type of concrete reacts differently to acid, results will vary. To save time, choose three options before you begin. 

  1. Perform a Test Patch

Since results may vary, it’s best to test small sections of the concrete first. Phaze Concrete notes that many companies will sell small amounts of the acid stain for this purpose.

  1. Make Extra Batches

Once you pick a color, Phaze Concrete recommends buying extra in case you need a second coat. In many cases, two layers are required to reach the desired look. Additionally, mix multiple batches of the same color. Even small changes in a mixture will cause each batch to vary significantly.

  1. Dilute Properly 

Usually, acid stain is diluted with water 1:1. However, Phaze Concrete notes that the standard solution may not be strong enough for some types of concrete. Consider a stronger solution for smooth or hard troweled concrete. 

  1. Gear Up

Always protect yourself with the proper equipment. Wear safety goggles, boots, masks, and gloves. Acid stain will burn skin and wood and will kill plants. Cover all objects that are not being stained. 

  1. Follow Instructions 

Always follow instructions provided by the manufactures. Phaze Concrete experts note that guidelines will usually require spraying in a circular pattern before letting it neutralize. Rinse thoroughly to avoid problems with the last step.

  1. Apply Sealant 

To protect the stain, Phaze Concrete recommends applying an acrylic sealer on exterior concrete. Interior concrete floors need two coats of water-based concrete sealant with four layers of floor wax. 

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