Phaze Concrete Explains How Contractors Can Boost Profits

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Contract jobs always bid competitively, but Phaze Concrete experts have perfected the technique. 

It’s so crucial for concrete contractors to make the most of their time and productivity. Phaze Concrete experts explain that since contractor bids are so competitive, the profit margins are usually very low. When crews can maximize efficiency and complete jobs quickly, more profit is to be made. Although this sounds simple and straightforward, Phaze Concrete warns contractors not to cut corners in the project’s quality or integrity. So what’s the trick?

First, concrete contractors should focus on improving communication and collaboration among all teams. Many separate pieces must come together for a project to work, including subcontractors, general contractors, and design teams. Phaze Concrete notes that rework costs usually cost around 5% of the total contract value, so it’s essential to get it right the first time around. Focus on clear, concise, and easily accessible communication.

The best way to accomplish open communication is by using mobile, cloud-based document management. Since teams go back and forth on plans and often need information from other departments, it makes sense to streamline updates and communication by using modern technology. Phaze Concrete recommends upgrading your system so project changes can always be seen in real-time. Transparency will help your team stay productive while minimizing lost time.

Next, Phaze Concrete suggests planning for the unexpected. Since concrete is primarily impacted by outdoor elements such as heat, cold, and moisture, there is always a good chance that weather will put your project behind schedule. Although you can have an idea of what the conditions will be for that time of year, the climate is always considered to be unpredictable. Phaze Concrete recommends having a backup plan and using BMI software to accommodate schedule changes.

 This may seem like a no-brainer, but many companies fail to understand the importance of hiring the right people and training their workers. Profits and losses are determined in the project field, which makes employee performance and understanding critical. Phaze Concrete always recommends top-quality hiring workers that care about the chemistry of concrete. From mixing to reinforcing, to determining specifications, concrete construction is no easy job.

Once you have found the right employees for your team, invest in them, and provide opportunities for growth and continuous training. If employees are happy and feel supported by the company, they will stay for years to come. Phaze Concrete believes it’s easier to maintain trustworthy, knowledgeable employees than it is to find and train new ones.

Finally, Phaze Concrete suggests incorporating a top of the line material tracking system. Receiving your materials on time is essential to the success and overall profit margin of a project. If a concrete company receives materials too late, it can put them behind on a project. If materials are received too early, it can cause storage and space issues while previous steps are completed. Phaze Concrete experts believe proper planning is the best tool for minimizing downtime. However, sensors are now available to track fleets and trucks so that you know exactly what is going on.

Phaze Concrete believes concrete companies should always stay up to date about the latest trends and technology innovations available in the industry. Technology is continually changing and growing and can make the job faster, easier, and more efficient. Emerging technologies may not always be immediately available for widespread use. However, when they are, it’s best to be the first to know about it.