Phaze Concrete Explains How to Incorporate Concrete into Everyday Living

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If you love the industrial look used for large scale projects, Phaze Concrete experts reveal how you can add it to your home.

Concrete is no longer reserved for parking lots, garages, and basements. A new trend has brought the versatile material into residential homes, leaving many people wondering how they can incorporate it into their living space. Depending on the desired style, concrete can transform any space into a clean, modern home or masculine bachelor pad.

According to Phaze Concrete, a popular company in the construction industry, the material can be used in homes for flooring, fixtures, shelving, and even furniture. For a smooth, slick sheen, the concrete can be polished. Those who want their concrete accents to have a matte look can add sealant, which also protects against water and stains. Finally, for a grainy, textured finish, Phaze Concrete recommends scored concrete.

Due to its neutral and adaptable look, concrete fits into almost any design style, including farmhouse, industrial, minimalist, modern, and bohemian. Many people prefer it because it’s much easier to care for compared to hardwood. If you are looking to incorporate concrete into your home for more than flooring, Phaze Concrete lists some fantastic ideas.


Transform your bathroom by installing a strong, concrete sink and countertop. Phaze Concrete recommends choosing a light color for a soft, subtle palette. The cool to the touch surface will add a unique design element in any minimalist or modern space.

Stand-alone bathtubs are another trendy item in 2020. They look sleek and offer a deeper bathing experience. Concrete tubs look especially luxurious and are made of high quality. Although they can weigh thousands of pounds, with the proper installation, they can be a show-stopping piece in your home.


A light grey concrete counter works well in kitchens with bold and brightly colored cabinetry. Phaze Concrete recommends starting with your island countertop before moving considering concrete backsplash and fixtures. Concrete looks especially great with a navy blue and silver theme.

Another unique idea is incorporating a concrete dining table into your home. It offers a stable, durable surface that is perfect for a family with young, energetic children. It’s a neutral color that matches any tabletop décor, and it is resistant to fingerprints! Phaze Concrete explains that the table legs can be customized to match the design of your home.

Living Room

Step out of the box by choosing concrete for your fireplace. Instead of the traditional stone, wood, or brick, try crafting a floor to ceiling fireplace made out of concrete. It can make your living room modern, yet rustic. Plus, Phaze Concrete reminds us of how easy concrete is to maintain and clean.

Complete your living room look by adding concrete shelves. Despite popular belief, concrete is not too heavy to be used as shelving, and when installed properly, it can hold your heaviest and most treasured items. Phaze Concrete lastly recommends incorporating concrete planters, which come in all shapes and sizes. They can be found easily on Etsy and Amazon and are priced affordably. In addition to being trendy, concrete planters can protect your plant roots from windy and unfavorable conditions.