Phaze Concrete Explains How to Look for a Reputable Contractor

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Watch for these three warning signs by Phaze Concrete.

Having construction done to your home can be an exciting time. However, it can also be a stressful time, with a lot of considerations and decisions to make. The last thing you, as the homeowner needs, is to distrust your contractors. After all, these people are in your home, intimately reshaping your personal living space. Thus, you want to be as comfortable with them being there as possible. Distrust should never be an issue a homeowner should have to deal with.

A recent Gallup poll showed that approximately 3 out of 10 people thought building contractors had “high or very high” ethical standards. Choosing a contractor can be stressful. There are countless horror stories of construction contractors not finishing the job, charging absurd back-end service fees, and misleading the customer on the timeline and difficulty of the job.

There are many reasons as to why someone would not trust contractors. Phaze Concrete identified three usual pain points for customers that contribute to the customer-contractor distrust. These pain points of distrust are as follows:

Miscommunication of Estimates and Contract Bids

When a company is choosing a contractor to build a project, they typically meet with numerous contractors and hear out their bid proposals. During these meetings, the customer will hear out the contractor’s pitch and get an estimate on the timeline and cost of said project. However, many contractors are dishonest with the estimated price and duration of construction in hopes to get the job. There will typically be variation between the initial expected cost and the final cost. But, companies that have accurate estimates build trust. Phaze Concrete takes pride in having accurate and honest bid proposals.

Historical Project Success

A construction company that is well known and trusted will have plenty of references and historical project success. When a company does not have a portfolio of past projects, it is a red flag for the customer. The customer should be able to look at past projects the company completed to gain some perspective of the ability of the company. Also, a trustworthy contractor will have many references. References allow customers to get an idea of how their project will go if they accept the contractor’s bid. Phaze Concrete has 15 years of successful project completion and references to back it up.

Construction Competence

Some contractors bite off more than they can chew. Often, contractors bid for large and complex projects that have no business placing a bid. There is a low barrier to entry to become a contractor. However, it takes a contractor with vast industry knowledge and construction skill competence to be a great contractor. Construction involves highly technical products, complicated physics, and dangerous tools. Many contractors are just not experienced or capable enough to do the job, and the consequences are usually expensive.

Phaze Concrete knows that the public is generally distrustful of contractors. That is why they are advocating for people to find trustworthy construction companies. Safety and security mean everything, especially when it comes to the home. Therefore, companies and clients need to work together to ensure everyone is educated. These signs are simple, but you certainly do not want to miss them.