Phaze Concrete Invests in their Employees Future

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Phaze Concrete Phaze Concrete

Phaze Concrete supports its hardworking and dedicated team through education initiatives and training. 

Today, you see Phaze Concrete’s work almost everywhere you go. Projects consist of big warehouses, hotels, airports, and more across the country. Phaze Concrete did not always have the prominence they have today. They started as a small company that took several projects in Utah and Nevada.

The climb of Phaze Concrete is not a miracle but rather the result of a highly skilled team that gained a positive reputation among construction companies.

One successful project after another helped the company make a name for itself and land more significant projects. Nowadays, Phaze Concrete strives to invest more in the well-being and education of their employees. 

Phaze Concrete recognizes that its employees are the reason for the company’s rise and sustained success. The highly skilled team of workers is the company’s secret weapon. No compromises were made when they hired the best teams to work on their projects.

Phaze Concrete has made it a company-wide focus for continuous employee education. Technological advancements happen at a faster rate than ever, and the company recognizes how hard it is for their workers to keep up with all of the changes within the industry.

The company wants to help its workers stay up-to-date with the latest changes in their industry and be happier with their jobs. Through apprenticeship programs, Phaze Concrete invests in underprivileged workers who don’t have a high school diploma. These programs are meant to teach the workers transferable skills that can be used in numerous industries, not just with Phaze Concrete. Another benefit of these programs is that the families of these employees can also benefit from these educational programs.

Phaze provides the GED readiness course that is available to all employees and family members of our employees. When employees commit to the apprenticeship program, Phaze Concrete commits to them to give them the most well-rounded industry training available. Doing the right thing has been an essential value for the Phaze team. They often go the extra mile to make sure customers get what they expected. The Phaze Concrete team also has an active involvement with solutions to the daily challenges and hurdles of today’s construction industry. 

“Our crews work hard as a team to keep commitments and schedules while traveling across the nation to deliver the quality the industry has come to expect from us.”

But perhaps the most significant step forward is the fact that workers and companies are working together to create a brighter future. None of the training programs inside the company are unionized anymore. 

On top of it, many companies made considerable progress when it comes to incorporating workers from underprivileged groups. The training is available with no discrimination of race nor gender.

One of the company’s representative explains why education programs are essential for workers and their families:

“We don’t want our employees simply to come to work and earn a paycheck and go home; we want them to come and have a valuable experience, learning transferable skills that can improve every aspect of their life. Registered apprentices, regardless of their age, will have the opportunity to complete their GED, if they have not received a high school diploma or equivalent.”

The company’s ultimate goal is to keep their workers and their families happy with their jobs. Phaze Concrete also helps them stay updated with the latest changes in the industry to ensure they move forward in their careers.