Phaze Concrete Lists Benefits of Using Concrete for Multi-Housing Projects

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The experts at Phaze Concrete explain why so many developers are choosing concrete for their multi-housing and commercial properties. 

Precast concrete is widely used by construction companies, such as Phaze Concrete, to increase efficiency, save money, and offer high-quality results. Materials are mixed and built at an offsite location in a controlled environment before being transported to the construction site. Each piece is perfectly molded thanks to precise factory equipment.  According to Phaze Concrete, precast concrete can be used for constructing apartment buildings, hotels, dormitories, medical care facilities, and more.

One of the most significant benefits of concrete construction is its outstanding fire resistance properties. It is noncombustible and has low thermal conductivity, which means it takes much longer for the fire to spread and impact structural components. People are much safer in concrete, permanent residential multi-housing complexes, and similar properties because they have more notice to get out in the event of an emergency. Phaze Concrete notes that concrete is actually more fire-resistant than steel, and is sometimes used to protect steel from fire.

In addition to the benefit of being fire resistant, concrete also has a shorter construction timeframe. Phaze Concrete explains that precast concrete apartment buildings go up much faster due to lower labor costs and the ease of transport. Concrete companies can usually finish more projects each year and increase total revenue compared to other methods.

Prestigious colleges and universities also choose precast concrete construction methods for dorms and other campus buildings. Cavity wall or stick-built construction methods do not compare to the high-quality result precast concrete can offer. Phaze Concrete keeps the safety of every client in mind first and foremost. In addition to resisting fire, precast concrete walls hold well against severe weather and the test of time.

Another common issue for college housing is excess noise. Students enjoy staying up late, entertaining friends, and spending time on hobbies. Concrete construction has excellent insulating properties to help muffle sounds and offer a quieter environment. Phaze Concrete notes that this is an especially important feature for students who enjoy studying in their rooms.

Precast concrete construction offers low long-term maintenance and top-notch durability. Schools, health institutions, and property owners can worry less about repairing leaks and structural issues down the road. Phaze Concrete experts always recognize the thermal efficiency of precast concrete as well, since it helps to reduce lifecycle costs.

When it comes to hotels, Phaze Concrete will use precast methods for wall and floor panels, beams, and columns. By incorporating so many different components, architects have plenty of flexibility when it comes to designing aesthetically pleasing buildings. A strong foundation is essential for durability from high guest turnover and high traffic.

About Phaze Concrete:

In 2003, Phaze Concrete began as a small family-owned and operated business. The father and son duo has since grown their little company into a well-known powerhouse with a growing portfolio.

No matter the vision, Phaze Concrete is capable of meeting the client’s needs. Phaze Concrete is licensed to deliver its services to 17 states. They mainly focus on high-profile clients and big-ticket contracts in the western United States.

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