Phaze Concrete Lists Top 3 Hand Tools for Concrete Flatwork

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The experts at Phaze Concrete share must have tools needed for most concrete flatwork projects.

Phaze Concrete Inc. is a leader in the construction industry, mainly focusing on projects in the western United States. They specialize in concrete flatwork, a popular option used for driveways, walkways, patios, steps, and flooring. It is generally more affordable than other options such as masonry, yet it can be just as beautiful and unique.

Laying concrete flatwork requires attention to detail and years of practice, which is why most people leave it all up to the professionals. The experts at Phaze Concrete share three must-have hand tools for concrete flatwork if you choose to tackle it yourself.

Hand Screed

A concrete screed is also often called a straight edge. It’s used to strike-off extra concrete or make it perfectly flat. They come as many forms, including wood, magnesium, vibratory, and laser. For residential and small concrete areas, the experts at Phaze Concrete recommend using a 2×4 magnesium screed or a vibratory screed.

Bull & Mag-Float

Once a hand screed has been used, it’s time to bring out the bull float. This step helps make the concrete smooth and removes imperfections. Phaze Concrete recommends using a rounded edge bull float to avoid creating unnecessary lines and creases. Don’t forget to grab handle extensions for more reach!

A mag float is one of the most commonly used out of all the tools. It has a short handle and comes in a variety of styles. The experts at Phaze Concrete recommend square edges for tight corners.

Steel Trowel

A steel trowel lives up to its name by troweling around pipes and floor drains. For smaller areas, the experts at Phaze Concrete recommend a hand trowel to smooth the entire floor surface. Again, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the project at hand. Use a square trowel for edges and a rounded trowel for leaving less mess after wiping the whole area.

About Phaze Concrete:

In 2003, Phaze Concrete began as a small family-owned and operated business. The father and son duo has since grown their little company into a well-known powerhouse with a growing portfolio.

No matter the vision, Phaze Concrete is capable of meeting the client’s needs. Phaze Concrete is licensed to deliver its services to 17 states. They mainly focus on high-profile clients and big-ticket contracts in the western United States.

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