Phaze Concrete Plays Big Role in Park City, Utah, Renovation

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Phaze Concrete helped transform Park City’s Main Street in Utah, where historical and contemporary architecture combine.

The Kimball on Main is a new historic renovation project that improved Park City’s Main Street. Construction efforts beautifully transformed 15,000-sq-ft of an existing historical building. Plans also included the construction of a new three-story addition, which spans 20,000-sq-ft.

The finished result combines traditional elements with modern design and offers Class A retail, restaurant, and public event space. When construction crew members realized the original building didn’t have any footings, the project became more complicated. Despite the extensive structural work, bracing, and shoring, the city still has access to the historic Kimball Garage.

Phaze Concrete signed on as a subcontractor to handle all concrete aspects of the job. Steel-encased concrete micropiles and piers were drilled and cast using specialized equipment. Additionally, concrete grade beams and footings were used to transfer structural loads.

Upgraded seismic-force resistance required large concrete shear wall panels. Additionally, a structural -steel framework was placed in existing walls to improve the integrity of the building. Phaze Concrete crews worked diligently to install cast-in-place concrete wall panels that were placed 3 inches apart from the structural walls. To meet energy codes, insulation and an air moisture barrier were used.

Phaze Concrete created a custom mix consisting of high-end superplasticizers. It was used to fill gaps starting from the bottom up to avoid any placement and consolidation issues. Custom shut-off valves were also installed so that Phaze Concrete crews could pressurize forms and fill all columns and wall panels. Amazingly, the original exterior of the historic building was preserved and will now be structurally sound for many years to come.

Seven new commercial spaces are now available at street level, with event space on the second story of the new addition. Its contemporary design and enclosed walk way connect the addition to the historic building, which brings together Park City in a beautiful way.

About Phaze Concrete:

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