Phaze Concrete Recently Acquires High-Profile Projects

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Prestigious organizations count on Phaze Concrete for quality work and fast service.

Companies with a diverse portfolio typically stay relevant longer while gaining the necessary experience for success. The ability to build out different projects is what separates exceptional companies from the average in the construction industry. Unique projects that diversify the portfolio are usually the most sought after. These projects are typically awarded to the most qualified companies that provide exceptional service.

Phaze Concrete has experience completing a wide range of construction projects which include dealing with time-sensitive and high-profile tasks. Phaze Concrete takes pride in providing safe, professional, and expert construction services to its clients. The ‘company’s portfolio is comprised of some of the top projects within the industry. Three recent projects of Phaze Concrete are worth noting.

Spaceport America

Spaceport America is located in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. It is a commercialized space exploration facility. The facility claims that this is the first endeavor of its kind. The target market is that of space entrepreneurs. It is a groundbreaking concept that is helping pave the way for the new form of commercial space exploration.  This facility is not controlled by the military and is a private entity.

Phaze Concrete completed the contract for $2.4 million. This project was highly competitive when the bidding was initiated. Phaze Concrete won the contract by being the right fit for the project. This high-profile contract needed particular construction abilities that Phaze Concrete had experience with. Since the company needed such a precise build, in every aspect of the facility, Spaceport only hired the best.

University of New Mexico

Phaze Concrete is proud to say they contributed to the construction of the beautiful campus of New Mexico University. Many construction companies seek university projects due to the prestige that comes with building places of higher learning. Building a good portion of the University, inside and out, was a unique project for the company. Most buildings will surpass their builder’s lifespan. However, a University is iconic and distinctive in that the building itself is an entity of power and prestige. Creating a structure that means so much to so many people is a compelling achievement for Phaze Concrete.

West Valley Park

West Valley Park in West Valley, Utah, is an outdoor work of art, comprised of concrete, various rock, and shrubbery. The park is an ideal place for families and local citizens to walk around and engage in park activities. The park features walking paths, bridges, and elegant structures that align the landscape, covered with benches and innovative look. Phaze Concrete was able to construct the park with a touch of creativity to make the project unique.  

Phaze Concrete takes pride in every project they accept. Each project is a display of ‘Phaze’s dedication to quality, timeliness, and customer service.  Phaze Concrete is appreciative of the opportunity to work on exceptional projects. Phaze Concrete is always seeking new opportunities to include in their portfolio.