Phaze Concrete Remains a Leader in the Construction Industry

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Phaze Concrete Leader in the Construction Industry Phaze Concrete Leader in the Construction Industry

In 2003, Phaze Concrete began as a small family-owned and operated business. The father and son duo has since grown their little company into a well-known powerhouse with a growing portfolio. For the past decade, Phaze Concrete hasslowly broadened the number of services offered while keeping prices fair. This has attracted many high-profile clients and big-ticket contracts in the western United States.

Phaze Concrete has developed a reputation for quality work, always rising to the occasion to finish large projects. Commercial concrete services include tilt wall, post-tension slabs, parking structures, flatwork, and multilevel structures. In addition, Phaze Concrete specializes in remodeling projects for large box office stores, warehouses, hotels, distribution centers, hospitals, and other large –scale buildings. Construction projects range from 10,000 square feet to 900,000 square feet or more.

The team at Phaze Construction works diligently to meet deadlines and timeframes. Major clients like Wal-Mart stay loyal and return for repeat business after seeing the high-quality results. Despite challenges with the economy and with extreme weather, the company continues to focus on quality. Policies and practices have been put in place to ensure consistency and customer satisfaction.

Although Phaze Construction has a team of young professionals, they are dedicated to their careers and the task at hand. The company has seen a pattern of steady growth, which is expected to continue. To keep up with the demand, Phaze Construction has invested in top-notch equipment which includes 3-D laser screeds, 10 and 8-foot power trowels, 44-meter pump trucks, in addition to excavation machines, transport trucks, and road graders with GPS.

The future looks bright for Phase Construction, which plans to continue taking on more significant projects in civil engineering. Although focused in the west, projects by Phaze Construction can be found as far north as Ohio. The company will continue to hire excellent team members to fulfill their mission of providing high-quality concrete work which exceeds the expectations of general contractors and owners across the western United States.

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