Phaze Concrete Showcases 3 Outdoor Home Oasis Ideas

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Phaze Concrete Outdoor Home Oasis Ideas Phaze Concrete Outdoor Home Oasis Ideas

Home is a sanctuary. For many people, a home is a representation of the people who live there. It is usually easy to identify the type of people living in the home, without even entering it. For instance, is it a family, is it an elderly couple, or a bachelor’s pad? Regardless of your home status, most people want their yard to be their very own outdoor oasis. That can mean flowers, a pool, or a useful extension of their home.

Phaze Concrete showcases three of the most affordable and simple outdoor oasis ideas they have come across throughout their projects.

Game boards

Chess and checkerboards are a great way to make your outdoor oasis fun and inviting. This can be done strategically with just glass, pavers, or another form of décor. Whether or not you play with the game board or just use it for a unique outdoor piece is up to you. Regardless, there are a few different ways to add players to specific games.
However, even if you do not add players, it is still an awesome addition to your yard.

Movie Theater

Creating a DIY movie theater is the perfect way to attract friends to hang out longer. Using some plywood and a sheet, it is easy to create a customized screen. Add a low-cost projector, along with some popcorn are you are ready to go.
While this is a feature that is not exactly décor, it is certainly an inexpensive way to offer some outdoor entertainment. Whether you are hosting a kids’ party or a last-minute get-together with friends, this is sure to be a Blockbuster hit.

Large Outdoor Rug

While a rug might not seem like much, it can be the foundation of many outdoor oasis options. A large outdoor rug sets up the centerpiece of a gathering area. You can place furniture in this area, or simply use it to space the area out. (After all, not everyone likes to walk around on grass, pavers or rocks.) Having a large outdoor rug placed in a spot in the yard offers a more homely appearance. Plus, it offers direction on where guests can sit or otherwise gather to socialize.

A rug poses as a good socialization spot because it is welcoming. It also indicates that a gathering of people will be away from other activities such as cooking and playing. People feel more comfortable with a tangible idea of where to sit, relax, and talk to others. This is especially true during functions, where the host might not be able to give undivided attention to every guest.

In summation, Phaze Concrete wants all its clients to have a structure and a yard they are proud of. These are the most efficient home oasis ideas that the company has come across. Try a few of them out today to transform your yard into the outside sanctuary of your dreams.