Philanthropist Stuart Hankin Shares Tips on Balancing a Busy Career and Giving Back to the Community

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Stuart Hankin Tips on Balancing a Busy Career and Giving Back to the Community Stuart Hankin Tips on Balancing a Busy Career and Giving Back to the Community

Stuart Hankin is a real estate investor with phenomenal business vision. He has dedicated his talents to creating affordable and innovative living for urban communities. Much like his uncompromising drive in business, Stuart follows that same tenacity in philanthropy. The entrepreneur actively participates in his local Chabad and volunteers his time as a tutor at the KidsSanctuary program. He has recently contributed athletic shoes to a local high school football team.

Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Operations and Information Engineering from Cornell University in just 3 years, the entrepreneur has since proven his mettle in the corporate world. 

How does Stuart Hankin manage to strike that balance between work life and philanthropy? He tells all below!

“Many budding activists believe that volunteerism will create a gaping hole in their careers,” the businessman says. “This is a far cry from the truth. Thanks to the internet, you can find so many ways to do good even with severe constraints on your time. Just filter local volunteer opportunities, and hey, even look for remote options!”

What is a great starting point? Stuart Hankin Hankin Homes says it best. 

“Volunteering isn’t done at the eleventh hour. Start by creating a time budget. Figure out how much spare time you have per week so that you can be upfront with your organization of choice. And when you commit to a certain amount of time, you won’t have to be anxious about 5 hours turning into 10.” 

Even small efforts go a long way. The Corporation for National Community Service revealed that 25% of Americans devote their time to volunteering. This averages to about 32 hours per person annually, contributing to a whopping $184 billion per year. 

The philanthropist has some words of wisdom for those who feel guilty about being too picky with a cause.

“Remember,” Stuart advises, “The dearth of time might make it hard for you to choose an organization that embraces your schedule. Don’t feel compelled to volunteer every week.”

He continues, “There are plenty of places that will be more than happy to have you every month or every quarter. Create a checklist of the skills you have to offer and find causes that will benefit from these the most. Even if the first couple of options aren’t the right match, keep at it!”

Stuart Hankin Hankin Homes urges working professionals to think outside the box.

“Instead of pursuing opportunities that garner a ton of participants, give your time to a neglected cause, short on manpower, that needs your passion to fuel their vision.”

Moreover, the businessman says there are plenty of ways to get creative even with philanthropy. You could volunteer remotely by working with a non-profit to create a great email marketing campaign or you could work with your local crisis center or suicide prevention hotline. 

“Volunteering isn’t an extracurricular activity, it is our responsibility as citizens,” Stuart Hankin points out. “And when you make this your way of life, your kids will follow suit.”

More on Stuart Hankin

Growing up in a suburb in Philadelphia, Stuart Hankin inherited his entrepreneurial spirit from his grandfather, Harry Hankin. The businessman started buying and rehabbing distressed properties in Florida in 2010. In 2016, the entrepreneur had already made sizeable investments in residential and commercial projects; shaping his vision to build more efficient constructions.

Stuart and his wife of five years, Britney Linsky, welcomed their first child, Harry, in 2016. For the entrepreneur, there’s no looking back. He continues to challenge the status quo in real estate and has exciting development concepts in the pipeline.