Pittsburgh Bishop, Tracie Williams Dickey, Uses Wisdom to Empower Others

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Pittsburgh Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey Uses Wisdom to Empower Others Pittsburgh Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey Uses Wisdom to Empower Others

It has been said that it is better to be wise than smart, but some individuals are blessed to be both. This includes Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey, a woman dedicated to using her wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to make the world a better place. For decades, Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey of Pittsburgh, PA, has been a cornerstone of the International Evangelical Christian community. Possessing several levels of education, her illustrious career as a Leader, Teacher, Speaker, Author, and Mentor spans decades. But it isn’t just her impressive resume that has earned her the respect of congregants in Pittsburgh and around the globe. It is also her humility, compassion, and an unparalleled understanding of God’s plan and purpose.

As the Bible says in Job 28:28, “And He said to man, ‘Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to turn away from evil is understanding.'” A Certified International Conference Speaker, CEO of Destiny Enterprises, and founder and Sr. Pastor of Deliverance Tabernacle Ministries Intl., Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey embodies this statement to a tee. Not only has the Bishop lived her life by the letter of the word of God, but she is also dedicated to helping others do the same.

An author and highly sought-after motivational and keynote speaker, the International Bishop is known as “A true Apostolic and Prophetic Voice to the Nations” often referred to as “The Voice with a Vision and The Iconic Clarion Sound of a Trumpet.” Like all the best leaders, the Pennsylvania-based Bishop, Tracie Williams Dickey, is as honest as she is compassionate, as patient as she is forthcoming and as brave as she is humble.

Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey has made a lifetime study of God, His word and ways. Appointed by Him to do His deeds on earth, she is rightfully proud of the knowledge and wisdom she has amassed over time, diligence, and experience. But like any wise woman, although her faith never falters, she is always questioning in order to gain a deeper understanding and improve upon herself and her work. In encouraging her congregants to do the same, reflecting upon their past, present, and purpose, she empowers them to achieve their full potential through the grace of God. Hers is a movement for a wiser world for the benefit of all.

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