Project Engineer Aldo Cassano Jr. Helps Break Transportation and Language Barriers in Massachusetts

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Project Engineer Aldo Cassano Jr Helps Break Transportation and Language Barriers in Massachusetts Project Engineer Aldo Cassano Jr Helps Break Transportation and Language Barriers in Massachusetts

From 1999 to 2003, Aldo Cassano Jr. attended the Wentworth Institute of Technology. Aldo Cassano graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science.

Aldo Cassano Jr. earned a degree in Construction Management and speaks Italian. Both skills are necessary to perform in the jobs he fills today.

They are also how Aldo Cassano “breaks barriers” in more ways than one.

More on that later.

Aldo Cassano Jr. works at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. MassDOT is where he has also spent the last fifteen years, thanks to his degree.

Aldo Cassano’s current role at MassDOT is Project Engineer.

MassDOT is a government agency that partners with communities and regional transit agencies. They work together to improve the infrastructure of Massachusetts. This includes transportation, trucking, railroads, and more.

As a Project Engineer, Aldo Cassano Jr.’s professional duties involve various components. Aldo Cassano manages construction operations and traffic. Aldo Cassano also creates schedules and attends weekly audits.

When Aldo Cassano Jr. is not at MassDOT supervising construction, he is working at his other job.

Aldo Cassano is an Italian Medical Translator. His ability to speak the Italian language is how he helps people in his community.

Aldo Cassano’s second job is at the International Medical Interpreters of the North Shore.

Aldo Cassano Jr. works with elderly patients who are sick and do not understand English. The only language they know is Italian.

Aldo states, “I connect with seniors directly to help them during their illness, hospital stay, or doctor visits.”

Aldo Cassano Jr. translates English medical records into Italian. He also interprets what doctors and nurses say about patients’ health.

When he uses this skill, he offers people who are sick, one less thing to worry about. Seniors can focus more on becoming healthy and less on what medical providers are trying to say.

Aldo Cassano Jr. says, “It’s a great way to use my skills as a fluent Italian speaker and my understanding of medical terminology to help those in need.”

With Aldo Cassano’s help, patients can understand their medical care and receive proper treatment.

He uses his Project Engineer and Translator skills to help his community in many ways.

Aldo Cassano Jr. not only breaks transportation barriers but language barriers, too.