Property developer Gabriel Btesh explains passion for well-being in Panama

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GABRIEL BTESH well being in Panama GABRIEL BTESH well being in Panama

Panama’s property sector has enjoyed a surge in both investment and interest in recent years.

Primarily orchestrated by developers such as Gabriel Btesh, the Central American country has begun to truly prosper as a result. This is largely owed to an increase in employment opportunities and thanks in no small part to a more buoyant property market.

Gabriel Btesh explains that having taken over the family business from his father, for him, working in the construction industry is about building a legacy for his country. “In addition to supporting my family and entirely aside from money, success, or pride, it’s about making Panama more prosperous as a whole,” suggests the developer.

By and large, he’s succeeded. “I’ve always wanted to do what was right for my family and my country,” Gabriel Btesh reveals.

Btesh says he’s now able to champion both the advancement of his father’s company and the well-being of those living in Panama. “Especially rewarding and exciting has been building homes for those in need,” he adds.

Further to affordable residential developments, the property and construction mogul has also worked on hundreds of commercial projects throughout Panama. “Deep down, despite enjoying great professional success, my real estate and construction endeavors have always been primarily about the betterment of my country, second only to supporting my family,” says Btesh. “My goals, in that respect, have really never wavered.”

Gabriel goes on to share details of a particular residential project undertaken in Panama City. “We were commissioned to design and build a number of apartment buildings especially to cater to local families,” he explains. “Our aim was to create affordable living spaces while simultaneously providing comfort, safety, and a degree of luxury.”

For Btesh, his immediate focus was on improving the quality of life of prospective residents. “Despite the affordable nature of the project, we sourced only modern, high-quality materials for the build,” says Btesh. “Our plan was to creatively structure a luxury living space, yet built in a cost-effective manner.”

Taking the ethos one step further, Btesh personally made sure that each building included amenities such as a gym, social areas, and creative spaces. “In doing so, we made sure that families who never imagined they’d see even truly modern conveniences were able to afford these upscale properties, enjoying all of the benefits which came with them,” says Gabriel Btesh. “I hope that this has served to change the lives of the families who moved into those properties, both for the better and for as long as they remain living there.”

“It’s something,” he adds in conclusion, “which I reflect on daily and something which I’m hugely proud to have been a part of.”