Protect My College Student Explains Why College Students Need MDLive

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Protect My College Student Protect My College Student

Dennis John of Protect My College Student introduces MDLive and explains how the service benefits the entire family.

From handling coughs, colds, and allergies to dealing with middle-of-the-night or weekend medical emergencies, utilizing modern technology to provide fast and affordable care to students across the nation, Protect My College Student’s Dennis John explains why America’s college-goers today need access to MDLive.

“Heading off to college is an exciting time in any young person’s life,” suggests John. An entirely new experience and a chance to grow and evolve in a way which is largely unimaginable before leaving for college, it’s often students’ parents, he says, who have the most accurate idea of what’s really in store.

“Parents typically have the best idea of what the college experience will be like for their child,” John explains. “Chief among their concerns, quite often, will be that their son or daughter will find themselves without immediate medical assistance should they need it,” he adds.

Throughout childhood, a parent will normally be on hand to take care of everything from coughs, colds, and allergies to more serious medical emergencies. “Whether that’s handling it yourself or getting them in to see a doctor, now that they’re away at college, what can you do besides send money?” asks Protect My College Student’s Dennis John. “What if your child falls ill on the weekend or in the middle of the night?” he adds.

These are concerns, says John, which every parent has. “Luckily,” he reveals, “MDLive exists to give your child assistance, around the clock.”

If, for example, a college student is dealing with a cold on a Friday evening and is preparing for an exam on Monday, with MDLive they’re able to quickly go online to speak with an approved healthcare professional. “Via phone or video conferencing, your child can quickly consult with a medical professional and receive any medication which they might need to treat an ailment,” explains John.

According to the Protect My College Student representative, MDLive’s healthcare professionals can diagnose many ailments and subsequently order a prescription which is then available to students within just hours. With Protect My College Student and MDLive, he says, there’s no rushing to urgent care centers or waiting for available clinics to open. “Instead, MDLive is on hand to assist with a variety of ailments,” adds John, “including those which most commonly plague today’s college students.”

For parents, he says, Protect My College Student and MDLive provide long-term peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that their children have continuous access to reliable medical care. It also eliminates, John believes, some of the stress and worry which often befalls young adults when living away from home for the first time.

Protect My College Student and MDLive serve as a great benefit to the entire family,” he adds, wrapping up, “allowing everyone to focus on what’s really important during our children’s often highly influential college years.”

Protect My College Student utilizes modern technology in the healthcare field to provide constant, fast, and affordable care to college students throughout the nation. For more information about Protect My College Student, visit