Protect My College Student Provides a Behind the Scenes Look at the Service’s Offering

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Florida-based healthcare field technology firm Protect My College Student provides a closer look at its services.

Based in the Miami metropolitan area town of Davie, Florida, Protect My College Student utilizes modern healthcare field technology to provide fast, affordable, and constant medical care to college students across the nation. Here, the company’s Dennis John offers a closer behind the scenes look at the service and what’s on offer to students and their parents or guardians.

Protect My College Student utilizes MDLive’s telemedicine services,” explains John, “where students are able to contact doctors and healthcare professionals 24/7.”

Among Protect My College Student’s primary goals, he says, is to provide peace of mind for parents as their children head off to college, often living away from home for the first time. Together, Protect My College Student and MDLive, says John, allows parents to rest assured that their children have unlimited access to medical services and counseling, when and where they need it. “With Protect My College Student and MDLive, their sons and daughters are always in good hands,” he adds.

With more than 30 million members, MDLive has over 1,300 licensed healthcare professionals on hand to provide 24/7 coverage, and boasts lower medical costs thanks to its innovative use of telehealth, according to Protect My College Student’s Dennis John. “Reducing the use of emergency rooms and urgent care centers, MDLive is fully HIPAA compliant and affords users with the provision of lightning-fast delivery of prescription orders to 24/7 pharmacies, year-round,” he adds.

Telehealth or telemedicine allows access to reliable healthcare from users’ phones, tablets, or computers at any time of the day or night. While many colleges offer medical services, availability is often limited, according to Protect My College Student. MDLive, however, they say, provides students with immediate assistance, 24/7, even while traveling. “All that’s required,” explains John, “is a connection to the internet.”

Protect My College Student and MDLive’s professionals can, he says, directly diagnose conditions, offer advice on where to go for further assistance, outline suitable over-the-counter remedies, and, where necessary, prescribe medications, available for collection from a local pharmacy. “All of this is taken care of during the consultation,” reveals John.

“At Protect My College Student, we’re always here,” he adds, wrapping up, “even when you can’t be.”

Protect My College Student utilizes modern technology in the healthcare field to provide constant, fast, and affordable care to college students throughout the nation. For more information about Protect My College Student, visit