Public Apology Issued by James and Beverly Enecio to Dr. Candice Matthews

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Dr. Candice Matthews was recently issued an apology by James and Beverly Enecio for making defamatory statements. These statements were published by Aubrey Taylor Communications. The statements had no clear basis in fact, and were intended to tarnish Dr. Matthew’s character.

Strong Figures are Controversial

Dr. Candice Matthews is no stranger to controversy. Strong opinions, and the desire to express them, are a hallmark of the state. Matthews has never been afraid to speak her mind. In fact, she spent years fighting for the people as part of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats.

However, the allegations that prompted an apology stemmed from her role in family law. She is the CEO/ Executive Director for Children of Diversity Foster Adoption Agency.

The Enecio’s now admit that the claims they made were an attempt to obtain favor in a family law matter.

Anyone in the public eye, particularly when they are as outspoken as Dr. Matthews, can expect to have their views challenged. This should never descend to the level of personal attacks, which is unfortunately what happened in this case.

A Formal Apology

The letter, issued by James and Beverly Enecio, states that the claims against Dr. Candice Matthews were baseless. These claims were published by Aubrey Taylor Communications, which is a political blog.

Janes Enecio states, “These allegations were our own characterizations, and not the assertions of any prosecutorial agency, or the subject of any judicial action. We acknowledge that there does not exist any criminal or civil procedures to pursue, or to have pursued, any of our assertions.”

The claims made against Dr. Matthews were outlandish, and certainly worthy of criminal prosecution if they had been based in fact. The Enecio’s go on to say, “These allegations are false, incomplete and/or were our own suppositions, bereft of any legal or evidentiary support, or force of law.”

Finally, they reveal their motivation for the statements. “These allegations and statements, which portrayed Dr. Candice D. Matthews in a false light, were and/are untrue and made solely to seek and obtain an advantage in disposed family law matters, long since closed and disposed of.”


Dr. Candice Matthews

Dr. Candice Matthews is simply glad to have the matter behind her. She intends to continue working for both the local and the statewide community, and wants to make a difference. Her work as the CEO/Executive Director for the Children of Diversity Foster Adoption Agency allows her to help kids overcome crisis, and provide them with therapeutic environments within the foster care system.

She is also the Statewide Harris County Accountability Chair for the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats. She was also named the Texas Statewide Steering Committee Chair of the Rainbow Push Coalition by Jesse Jackson.