Public Relations in Politics with Craig Schoenfeld

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President of CR3 Connect, Craig Schoenfeld, explains the history of public relations and its importance in today’s political scene.


People are often surprised when they realize public relations in politics has been around since ancient times. From the creation of massive monuments in a leader’s honor, to spread rumors and lies about an opponent, public relations has always been critical in elections. It has developed into today’s complicated expectations and remains at the forefront of importance in not only politics but business as well.


When mass communications arrived, politicians gained the ability to influence the masses for the first time. Innovations in technology allow us to reach more people than ever before, but it requires strategic planning and knowledge. That’s why politicians and business people turn to Craig Schoenfeld for his experience in the political arena, which allows him to successfully provide superb PR services for his clients.


Craig Schoenfeld recommends all politicians set up a social media team. Using social media as a resource allows us to instantaneously share news or information 24/7 from just about anywhere in the world. For political campaigns, the social media team is there to prevent false stories from spreading, to provide the public with correct information regarding the candidate’s campaign, and to provide the candidates would be constituents’ platform to speak their main concerns. Social media is very powerful in today’s society. A bad social media team can hinder an otherwise excellent candidate.


Next, Craig Schoenfeld stresses the importance of the politician’s ability to utilize Twitter. Social media should be utilized across all platforms, but Twitter reigns supreme in the political social media environment. Twitter provides real-time alerts and PR teams need to monitor mentions and posts of the politicians in order to not only get a feel of the current public opinion but to promote the candidate. It is also an excellent way for a politician to showcase their personality and the issues they are passionate about.  


Lastly, Craig Schoenfeld suggests having a plan in place for every possibility that could derail the public’s opinion on the politician’s prowess. Everyone has weaknesses and it is best to prepare for situations that would exploit those weaknesses. Being prepared for the worst will allow politicians to focus on important issues. Also, Craig Schoenfeld states that debates are often the time when planning for every situation comes to fruition most frequently. Candidates that can take political attacks in stride with an adequate response are typically those that get elected and serve out their terms with good public perception.


About Craig Schoenfeld:

With more than 20 years of experience, Craig R. Schoenfeld has worked as a lobbyist, political strategist, press spokesperson, and campaign operations manager for his clients. He has developed excellent relations with elected officials, business organizations, and activists in the Midwest.

Craig Schoenfeld is also the president of CR3 Connect, one of Iowa’s leading strategic advisory lobby firms. CR3 Connect specializes in designing and implementing strategies that build support, inform the public and public officials, educate and mobilize key constituencies.