Rahim Hassanally all set for another year with NAMAD

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Rahim Hassanally Rahim Hassanally

Ten-year NAMAD member Rahim Hassanally, an automotive industry entrepreneur based in California, gets set for another year with the organization.


Now a member of the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers for more than a decade, Texas native and automotive industry entrepreneur Rahim Hassanally, today based in Fairfield, California, prepares for another 12 months with the organization and looks forward to a further decade of membership with the ever-growing nonprofit.


In April of 2019, Rahim Hassanally celebrated a decade of National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers membership. The following month, in May, meanwhile, he went on to provide a personal and detailed insight into NAMAD membership, before two months later, in July, revealing further details of his National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers affiliation. 


Hassanally then again discussed the beginning of his second decade with NAMAD in August where he also shared a brief history of the organization, founded in 1980 and presided over by current president Damon Lester.


The ever-growing nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, headquartered in the Washington, D.C., area, is led by individuals of African American, Latino, and Asian-Pacific Islander heritage, and represents ethnic minority automobile dealers throughout the United States. “The organization seeks to ensure the presence of a meaningful and representative number of minority entrepreneurs and employees in the automotive industry,” explains Hassanally, “across manufacturing, retail sales, and the supplier and service sectors.”


Membership is on an annual basis, according to ten-year NAMAD member Rahim Hassanally. “The organization,” he adds, “also hosts a popular annual conference.” 


Elsewhere in 2019, Hassanally has reflected on his New Motor Vehicle Board appointment, shared an insight into the benefits of NADA Dealer Academy participation, explored growing rates of entrepreneurship across the U.S., and, true to his charitable and highly philanthropic nature, revealed the best ways to support local homeless shelters. 


Rahim Hassanally has also demonstrated in some detail what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Beginning his entrepreneurial journey at a young age and turning down an invitation to attend a prestigious law school, the businessman had already established and built up his own highly successful automotive dealership in his 20s. “My family has a strong hospitality industry background, but I knew at a very young age that it simply wasn’t my cup of tea,” Hassanally explains. 


“Instead, I quickly made a name for myself in the new car sales field,” he reveals, having received his first taste of the automotive industry at just 16 years old. “The rest,” adds Hassanally, wrapping up, “as they say, is history.”


To discover further details of the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers, head to https://www.namad.org/. To learn more about Rahim Hassanally, meanwhile, visit https://rahimhassanally.co/.