Rahim Hassanally Explains the Importance of Cancer Awareness

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Entrepreneur and cancer awareness advocate Rahim Hassanally reveals the facts behind the importance of knowledge surrounding cancer and its causes.

Essential in the ongoing global fight against the disease, cancer awareness has never been more vital. A successful entrepreneur currently based in California, Rahim Hassanally explains the importance of key areas of awareness surrounding cancer, its causes, and the data behind informed research into the disease.

“It’s been widely demonstrated that, both in the U.S. and around the world, cancer rates can be reduced by promoting better awareness of the disease,” says entrepreneur and cancer awareness advocate Rahim Hassanally, speaking from his office in Solano County, California. A better understanding of trends and demographics, for example, he says, in addition to promoting awareness of common cancer causes and symptoms, can all help.

Promoting awareness of cancer symptoms and causes, Rahim Hassanally stresses, remains most important, yet the entrepreneur and cancer awareness advocate says it’s vital that nobody overlooks other aspects of awareness surrounding the disease. “By better understanding rates of new cancer diagnoses by ethnicity, age group, and gender, for example,” Hassanally explains, “it’s possible to put ourselves in the absolute best position to combat the disease.”

The same is true, Rahim Hassanally says, of understanding trends in cancer diagnosis, such as overtime or by area, in the United States as a whole, in individual states, and overseas. “This is true for all cancers combined,” he suggests, “as well as for individual common types of cancer, such as breast cancer or prostate cancer.”

Rahim Hassanally believes that it’s crucial that the public consider the work of cancer research professionals in better understanding the disease, raising their own awareness, and promoting awareness more generally in the process. “Researchers regularly rely on information from sources such as the National Program of Cancer Registries, and the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results from the program of the National Cancer Institute,” explains Hassanally. Much of this information, in de-identified form, he says, is available to both researchers and non-researchers alike, in entirely free, public-use databases.

A successful entrepreneur, originally from Texas and now based in Solano County, California, Rahim Hassanally is a particular advocate for breast cancer awareness. To date, the entrepreneur has raised in excess of $10,000 for organizations such as Susan G. Komen, currently the largest breast cancer charity in the United States.

Rahim Hassanally has previously spoken at length about his fundraising and awareness efforts, new breast cancer drugs showing promise in early trials, upcoming cancer awareness initiatives, the importance of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and, earlier this year, marked World Cancer Day 2020, plus much more.

“By educating ourselves about cancer causes, trends, and demographics, in particular, we’re all able,” adds entrepreneur and cancer awareness advocate Rahim Hassanally, wrapping up, “to promote and encourage increased cancer awareness to the best of our abilities in our ongoing, collective fight against the disease.”