Rahim Hassanally Explores Growing Rates of Entrepreneurship Across the U.S.

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Rahim Hassanally Entrepreneurship Across the U S Rahim Hassanally Entrepreneurship Across the U S

Automotive industry entrepreneur and businessman Rahim Hassanally looks into growing rates of entrepreneurship across the United States and what’s behind the boom.


With an estimated 30 million people across America now running or in the process of establishing their own businesses, entrepreneurship is on the rise in the United States. A successful automotive industry entrepreneur based between California and Texas, Rahim Hassanally takes a closer look at growing rates of entrepreneurship and outlines several traits common among the most prosperous individuals in business.


“The number of entrepreneurs is growing every year in the U.S.,” explains Hassanally. In fact, a recent report carried out by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor suggests that today, as many as ten percent more entrepreneurs are doing business in the United States compared to just five years ago.


“This,” points out Hassanally, “reflects the biggest rise in numbers nationwide since the report was first compiled almost 20 years ago.”


Interestingly, Rahim Hassanally suggests that most entrepreneurs share a variety of common traits. These, he believes, include confidence, a love of learning, and open-mindedness. “Adaptability, too, is also important if an individual wishes to succeed as an entrepreneur,” adds the businessman.


Furthermore, success is often dependent upon passion and motivation, according to Hassanally, two factors which he says are driving the current boom. “Any entrepreneur looking to be truly successful must be entirely motivated, and also highly passionate about their planned endeavors,” suggests the expert.


Turning his focus back to the importance of confidence, Hassanally goes on to suggest that, without it, aspiring entrepreneurs are often doomed to fail. “Without confidence in yourself, it’s impossible to instill confidence in others,” he explains.


Of love of learning, Hassanally says that this, too, is important to entrepreneurial success, and a trait shared by many of those who have already achieved their dreams. “A lifelong passion for learning and a genuine thirst for knowledge are often key to success as an entrepreneur,” adds the expert. “Open-mindedness and adaptability,” he continues, “as well as a sense of modesty, are all important too.”


According to Hassanally, an inability to adapt may leave an aspiring entrepreneur stricken, while open-mindedness and modesty are simple traits which regularly prove vital in succeeding in business.


“Remember to remain modest, confident, and keep an open mind,” he adds, wrapping up, “and, while also maintaining a commitment to continued learning, success as an entrepreneur is often well within reach of those with the correct mindset.”


Rahim Hassanally is a Governor of California appointed Department of Motor Vehicles New Motor Vehicle Board member, a member of the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers, and a board member of the American International Automobile Dealers Association. An accomplished sportsman, a keen advocate for breast cancer awareness, and a supporter of a wide variety of nonprofit organizations, charities, and other good causes, Texas native Hassanally’s professional accolades include making the Automotive News ‘Top 40 Under 40’ list and receiving recognition as the 18th annual Urban Wheel Awards ‘Urban Dealer of the Year.’