Rahim Hassanally Observes Another Year of NAMAD Membership

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Rahim Hassanally Rahim Hassanally

Automotive industry entrepreneur Rahim Hassanally marks more than a decade of membership to NAMAD. 


A successful automotive industry entrepreneur and philanthropist originally from Texas and now based in California, Rahim Hassanally has enjoyed more than a decade of NAMAD membership to date. As he observes another year with the organization, Hassanally reveals more about NAMAD’s vital work within the automotive sector across sales, service, manufacturing, and more. 


“NAMAD stands for National Association of Minority Auto Dealers,” entrepreneur Hassanally explains. Following more than ten years with the organization, Hassanally remains a staunch advocate for NAMAD’s work and its vital place within America’s automotive industry. 


Presided over by Damon Lester since 2002, the National Association of Minority Auto Dealers was founded in 1980. “Headquartered in Largo, Maryland, NAMAD’s mission statement centers around its commitment to increasing opportunities for ethnic minorities in all aspects of the automotive industry,” explain Hassanally.


According to the entrepreneur and philanthropist, NAMAD seeks to ensure the presence of a representative and a meaningful number of minority entrepreneurs and employees in the retail sales, supplier, and service sectors. “The same is true,” he adds, “of the manufacturing ranks, too.” 


“I first joined NAMAD more than a decade ago,” Hassanally continues, “and proceed to champion the benefits of being part of a national network of professionals dedicated to diversity inclusion across all aspects of America’s automotive industry.” 


The organization, he says, is flourishing. “Thanks to growing membership,” reveals Hassanally, “NAMAD remains committed to working closely with leading manufacturers to achieve sound business arrangements intended to create reciprocal trading partnerships, designed to uncover new markets, new ideas, new talent, and new capital.” 


NAMAD membership is on a yearly basis with members also invited to a popular annual conference, most recently held in the southern Florida island city of Miami Beach.


Alongside being a long-standing member of NAMAD, Rahim Hassanally is also involved with the American International Automobile Dealers Association and is a Governor of California appointed Department of Motor Vehicles New Motor Vehicle Board member. A keen philanthropist, Hassanally is a vocal advocate for cancer awareness and is a regular supporter of a number of local, national, and international charities and good causes.


“Having now been a member of NAMAD, in particular, for over ten years,” he adds, wrapping up, “I’m looking forward to what’s to come over the course of the next decade or more going forward.”