Rahim Hassanally remains committed to cancer awareness advocacy mission

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Rahim Hassanally Rahim Hassanally

California-based entrepreneur and philanthropist Rahim Hassanally remains as committed as ever to his cancer awareness advocacy efforts.


Having recently spoken at length about cancer awareness initiatives such as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and new cancer drugs showing promise in early trials, California-based entrepreneur and philanthropist Rahim Hassanally shows no sign of slowing down on his mission to promote cancer awareness, and to support life-saving research into the disease. 


“It’s vital that we continue to promote cancer awareness,” says Hassanally, speaking from his office in Solano County, California, “and support ongoing research into fighting and beating the disease.” 


Rahim Hassanally has long been an outspoken advocate for cancer awareness. Awareness, he says, and measures to prevent cancer, are the first line of defense in battling many forms of the illness. “Combined with vital research into the disease, preventative steps and increased cancer awareness are central to saving lives and eventually beating cancer once and for all,” says entrepreneur and philanthropist Hassanally.


Further to raising awareness and promoting health and wellness in the fight against cancer, Solano County-based Hassanally has raised thousands of dollars for cancer charities, including Susan G. Komen, the largest breast cancer organization in the United States. 


One fundraising effort, in particular, saw Rahim Hassanally help to raise $10,000 for the charity’s Sacramento chapter, Susan G. Komen Northern & Central California. The chapter, he revealed at the time, has now contributed more than $20 million to breast cancer charities in the region.


Covered by McNaughton Newspapers, Inc., a local family-owned media company which produces a number of community-driven publications, news of the impressive fundraising total also represented an ideal opportunity for Hassanally to further raise awareness of the disease in communities across Northern California 


Hassanally is a particular advocate for breast cancer awareness, although the entrepreneur and philanthropist has also been an outspoken advocate for research and awareness surrounding a broad range of cancers. 


From breast cancer, cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer to prostate and testicular cancer, and all manner of childhood cancers and forms of leukemia, Rahim Hassanally will not, he says, be satisfied until a cure for cancer across the board is found. 


“In light of new cancer drugs such as tucatinib and trastuzumab deruxtecan showing promise in breast cancer trials, it’s as important as ever,” adds Hassanally, wrapping up, “that we continue to invest in revolutionary research if we’re to beat the disease once and for all.”