Rahim Hassanally Reveals Best Ways to Support Local Homeless Shelters

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Rahim Hassanally Best Ways to Support Local Homeless Shelters Rahim Hassanally Best Ways to Support Local Homeless Shelters

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Rahim Hassanally offers a number of examples of donations most often welcomed by homeless charities and shelters in the community.

Beyond cash donations, many local homeless shelters are in desperate need of a variety of supplies and other help. From food and personal care items to clothing, toys, and games, automotive industry entrepreneur and philanthropist Rahim Hassanally shares a closer look at several ways in which members of the community can support their local homeless shelters.

“First and foremost, most shelters are in regular need of nonperishable food items,” explains Hassanally, a seasoned automotive industry entrepreneur and keen philanthropist. Canned vegetables, he says, with clearly printed expiration dates, are a good example of the type of nonperishable food items sought by many homeless shelters.

“Personal care items are important, too,” adds Hassanally. Such items, he reveals, include toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, deodorant, soap or shower gel, feminine hygiene products, and baby wipes, as well as toilet paper, diapers, and items such as reading glasses.

Also in demand is clothing, according to Hassanally. “Quality clothing, including scarves and gloves, is generally very welcome,” explains the multi-award-winning entrepreneur, “as is business clothing which those at the shelter can wear to job interviews.”

A committed philanthropist and long-standing advocate for breast cancer awareness, Rahim Hassanally has previously raised more than $10,000 for his local Susan G. Komen chapter, Susan G. Komen Northern & Central California. Hassanally is also a proud supporter of a number of his local homeless charities and shelters, as well as the area’s air force base. “I’ve also raised funds for local, national, and international aid efforts,” he adds, “including following last year’s devastating California wildfires, and in the aftermath of deadly natural disasters elsewhere around the world.”

Beyond food, personal care items, and clothing, homeless children in local shelters are, says Hassanally, universally grateful for toys and games. “Children in shelters typically have very few personal possessions,” he explains, “so toys and games are always welcomed.”

Adult-only shelters, too, are often appreciative of donated board games, according to the automotive industry entrepreneur.

Equally important to homeless shelters, and something which money can’t buy, is time, says Hassanally. “Even if someone doesn’t have money or spare items to donate, volunteering time is often invaluable to local homeless shelters,” he adds, wrapping up, “from helping to coordinate fundraising efforts to preparing meals or collecting and sorting donated items.”