Rahim Hassanally Revisits Disaster Relief Contributions

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Rahim Hassanally Revisits Disaster Relief Contributions Rahim Hassanally Revisits Disaster Relief Contributions

Entrepreneur Rahim Hassanally looks back on local, regional, and international aid donations and other charitable contributions.

A successful businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist from Texas, and currently based in California, Rahim Hassanally has backed a number of high-profile aid efforts from North America to the Philippines in recent years. Donating generously in the aftermath of disasters including Typhoon Haiyan and last year’s devastating California wildfires, Hassanally reveals more about his charitable efforts.

“During last year’s devastating California wildfires, more than 8,500 separate fires destroyed a total area covering over 1.8 million acres,” reveals Hassanally.

The deadliest and most destructive wildfire season on record in California, as the disaster worsened, Hassanally promptly sought to donate generously to rescue and aid efforts.

“In addition to raising and donating much-needed funds to aid and rescue efforts here in California, I further researched and donated a large quantity of vital supplies to the community during and in the wake of the fires,” adds the humble local businessman.

Overseas, Hassanally has contributed toward aid efforts in the aftermath of deadly natural disasters including Typhoon Haiyan which hit the Philippines in 2013. “After seeing the devastation caused, I remember thinking to myself, ‘I need to take action,'” he reveals. The businessman and entrepreneur subsequently helped to raise more than $6,000 for the cause in just a matter of weeks.

Rahim Hassanally is also a long-standing advocate for breast cancer awareness, raising thousands of dollars for charities including Susan G. Komen, the largest breast cancer organization in the United States.

In a story covered by Solano County’s Daily Republic, part of McNaughton Newspapers, a local family-owned media company, Hassanally and colleagues successfully raised $10,000 for the breast cancer charity’s California chapter. “Susan G. Komen Northern & Central California serves approximately 30 counties across central and northernmost parts of the state,” explains Hassanally, “providing grants to community organizations and the region’s hospitals to ensure ongoing cancer screening, treatment programs, breast health education, and more.”

To date, his local Susan G. Komen chapter has contributed more than $20 million to such causes, according to the entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Elsewhere, Rahim Hassanally is also a keen supporter of his local air force base and several of the area’s homeless shelters.

“Locally, nationally, or internationally,” he adds, wrapping up, “I believe in supporting worthwhile causes wherever possible in an effort to make the world a better, healthier, and brighter place for everyone.”