Rahim Hassanally Wraps Up 2019 and Revisits the Year’s Highlights

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Rahim Hassanally Rahim Hassanally

From philanthropy and charity work to promoting entrepreneurial spirit in business, Rahim Hassanally wraps up 2019 and looks forward to 2020.

From his charity work and philanthropy to promoting cancer awareness, entrepreneurial spirit in business, and reflecting on life in the fast lane, Rahim Hassanally has spoken at length this year about topics close to his heart, including support for local homeless shelters and raising more than $10,000 for a leading breast cancer charity. Here, Hassanally wraps up the events of 2019 and looks forward to the New Year.

Earlier this year, Rahim Hassanally reflected on the celebration of diversity at the Urban Wheel Awards while also looking back on his past typhoon aid efforts and New Motor Vehicle Board appointment. Hassanally also celebrated a decade of National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers membership, and shared an insight into the benefits of National Automobile Dealers Association Dealer Academy participation.

During 2019, Texas native and California-based entrepreneur Hassanally has also offered a closer look at his philanthropy and charity work on a number of occasions. This includes providing support for those affected by recent California wildfires. “In addition to raising and donating much-needed funds to aid and rescue efforts here in California, I further researched and donated a large volume of vital supplies to the community during and in the wake of the fires,” said the humble local entrepreneur earlier this year.

In June, Rahim Hassanally revealed his continued support for local homeless shelters and promoted the ongoing work of leading U.S. cancer charities. Hassanally is a keen advocate for cancer awareness and has previously raised more than $10,000 for a leading breast cancer charity.

Elsewhere, Hassanally spoke openly and at length about the importance of entrepreneurial spirit in business and explored growing rates of entrepreneurship across the United States. Then, marking the start of his second decade with the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers, in August, Hassanally subsequently shared a brief history of the organization, established in 1980 and presided over by Damon Lester since 2002.

Later in the year, Hassanally revisited his disaster relief contributions and counted down to worldwide breast cancer awareness initiative National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, held annually in October. Reflecting on life in the fast lane, Rahim Hassanally also demonstrated what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur before looking toward hotly anticipated new motors for 2020.

Wrapping up November, Hassanally showcased a series of glowing all-new professional recommendations before highlighting numerous upcoming cancer awareness initiatives.

Earlier this month, meanwhile, the entrepreneur and cancer awareness advocate shined a spotlight on two new breast cancer drugs showing promise in early trials. “In light of new cancer drugs such as trastuzumab deruxtecan and tucatinib showing promise, it’s as important as ever,” he said at the time, wrapping up, “that we continue to invest in revolutionary cancer research if we’re to beat the disease once and for all.”

Based in Fairfield, California, Rahim Hassanally is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, a private Methodist research university in University Park, Texas. Born and raised in Texas before relocating to the so-called Golden State to pursue his entrepreneurial endeavors, Hassanally is a keen advocate for cancer awareness, particularly surrounding the importance of breast cancer screening and early detection. To learn more about Rahim Hassanally, head to https://rahimhassanally.co/.