Reginald Stambaugh Discusses How Donald Trump Attempted to Register to Vote with an Out-of-State Address

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Reginald Stambaugh Reginald Stambaugh

Reginald Giles Stambaugh recently discussed how Donald Trump attempted to register to vote in the state of Florida with an out-of-state address.

Donald Trump has little faith in mail-in balloting. However, a Washington Post article published in June 2020, showed that President Trump may actually confide in mail-in voting, but perhaps only if he’s the one doing the voting. Florida Attorney Reginald Giles Stambaugh recently explained how President Trump attempted to register to vote in the state of Florida when his legal residence is the White House, in Washington, D.C.

Reginald Stambaugh explained that when President Trump completed his registration application in 2019, his legal residence was listed as the White House. However, the state of Florida requires all voters to be legal residents of the state to vote. Trump was made aware of this and his application was resubmitted with his Florida address as his legal address. This allowed him to vote in Florida’s Republican primary in March, 2020.

Reginald Giles Stambaugh stated that on Sept. 27, 2019, Donald Trump completed two forms for voter registration in the state of Florida. The first stated his address in Washington, D.C., and the second stated he was a resident of Palm Beach. Everyday citizens completing voter registration applications in Florida are forewarned that they can receive lofty fines or prison time if the information provided is not truthful.

Reginald Stambaugh emphasized that Trump’s record as a voter has not been truthful, and his mail-in voting record shows he confides in the postal system for his ballot. A fraud complaint was filed against Trump in the state of Florida in June due to the blatant dishonesty on his ballot. The person filing the claim, Jim Watson, explained that trump could not use a private club, such as Mar-a-Lago, as his legal voter registration address.

Esteemed attorney Reginald Giles Stambaugh represented Jim Watson in his claim. Reginald Stambaugh is also an attorney for a Mar-a-Lago neighbor who is currently in an ongoing dispute with the president over his plans to construct a dock at the private club.

Reginald Stambaugh explained that Florida law does require investigation into any type of elections fraud that has been properly filed. The attorney stated that he knows of an additional fraud complaint being filed against the president and there may be more to come. Reginald Giles Stambaugh added that a number of public officials and prominent people in the state of Florida have been charged with voter fraud and fined or even placed in jail.

Attorney Reginald Stambaugh concluded that the major issue with Trump’s dishonest voter registration forms is that he has been making claims of widespread fraud in the United States’ mail-in voting system. It appears that dishonest applications, such as his, could be the type of fraud to which he is referring.