Reichen Kuhl is a Continual Animal Rights Activist and Vegan

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Reichen Kuhl Reichen Kuhl

The Amazing Race season 4 winner Reichen Kuhl has served as a role model for animal rights activism for years. Apart from being a dedicated vegan and earning a respected accreditation from PETA, he regularly speaks out about animal abuse from humans in environments such as the food and fashion industries.

Reichen Kuhl has earned many awards, titles, and distinctions in his professional career that spans over two decades of various contributions. It began in the United States Air Force where he served as a Captain and dedicated nearly a decade to fighting for the safety of American citizens. Since then, he’s moved on to successful business ventures and a brief stint in the entertainment industry.

Most people may know Reichen Kuhl as the winner of The Amazing Race season 4, which aired in the early 2000s. However, he’s since made a major reputation for himself as a vegan and animal rights activist who regularly spreads awareness of detrimental animal abuse that’s kept hidden from the public.

“Many people don’t know what’s going on in the food industry behind closed doors,” says Reichen Kuhl. “These animals, whether they are used for their milk or their meat, undergo horrors and extreme trauma that are heartbreaking to witness.”

Reichen Kuhl has always been a crusader for justice and hopes that his work will inspire others to rethink their treatment of animals and consider them more as sentient creatures with a full range of feelings. He’s a dedicated vegan, ensuring that all the food he eats is plant-based and isn’t made with any animal byproducts.

Today, only about 3% of Americans adhere to a vegan or plant-based diet, but the number has risen slightly since 2012.1 However, more fast-food chains and restaurants are adding vegan and vegetarian-friendly items to their menu, such as the Impossible burger or products from Beyond Meat. By spreading awareness of animal cruelty in the food industry, Kuhl hopes his efforts will encourage more people to adopt vegan diets and pressure the industry into more humane practices.

Reichen Kuhl attends animal vigils across the country to offer support to animal lovers and to help communities rethink their care of pets and domesticated animals. Acknowledging his support and his landmark contributions to animal rights, PETA has even named him a Vanguard Society Member. In this role, he serves as a respected leader among the over 6 million PETA supporters seeking justice for animals and an end to animal cruelty everywhere.

“Animals around the world suffer unjustly at the hands of humans who exploit them for capital gains,” says Reichen Kuhl. “We need more people who will stand up and call industries out on their practices, who will help us work towards a friendlier planet for all creatures.”

Reichen Kuhl is formerly known as Reichen Lehmkuhl, whereas he and other members of his family shortened their last name to “Kuhl” in 2014.