Reichen Kuhl to Speak at Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce

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Reichen Kuhl Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce Reichen Kuhl Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce
Reichen KuhlReichen Kuhl is a frequent volunteer, activist, and sponsor of many international organizations for peace and justice. A vanguard for the LGBT rights community, he has been invited to speak at the Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce later this fall.

As a Graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and a nine-year Air Force veteran, Reichen Kuhl spent nearly a decade demonstrating his passion for just causes. Since serving, he’s become a flight instructor, an attorney member of the State Bar of California, an LGBT published author, and the founder and CEO of LeaseLock, a company revolutionizing residential apartment leasing across the United States.

Reichen Kuhl is often recognized for his goodwill and determination for equality––serving in the Air Force, speaking on behalf of PETA, championing gay rights and more. Because of this, he was invited to speak at the Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce in September.

“The Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce is making strides by linking together professionals with the same hopes and vision for the future of gay rights,” says Reichen Kuhl. “I’m proud to be asked to speak at the September event and eager to facilitate a productive conversation with attendees.”

The Sacramento Rainbow Chamber Business Exchange Network (SACBEN) is an opportunity for members to mingle and increase business opportunities in an open and welcoming forum. During their meetings, each member presents a 30-second introduction, which helps them to craft a better elevator pitch and simultaneously share a little bit about themselves. While it isn’t required, SACBEN also invites their members to make periodic 10-minute presentations to the group during meetings to start conversations and share useful information.

As a whole, the Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce is a regional chamber of commerce that serves gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender business owners (as well as other professionals and allies) who operate in the seven-county Greater Sacramento region. The mission of the chamber is to encourage and support small businesses in the LGBT and allied communities, to foster economic prosperity in the Greater Sacramento region, and to promote diversity, inclusion, and equality for all. They achieve this through business networking, professional development, business certifications, and more.

As with other chambers of commerce, the Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce provides services, gatherings, and programming to help member businesses grow and find success. The organization hosts monthly networking mixers, educational and professional development workshops, government contracting opportunities, and partnerships with other organizations. The Chamber also helps build relationships with other diversity organizations and supports policies and laws that promote LGBT equality.

“The Sacramento Chamber is one of six LGBT chambers in the state working to increase equality and create opportunities for professionals in the community,” says Reichen Kuhl. “It’s an honor to be asked to present to our members.”

Reichen Kuhl is formerly known as Reichen Lehmkuhl, whereas he and other members of his family shortened their last name to “Kuhl” in 2014.