RetroLock Corporation Led By Tania Tomyn at Top of Construction Industry

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Tania Tomyn Top of Construction Industry Tania Tomyn Top of Construction Industry

A woman’s touch makes all the difference when it comes to operating an interior finish company. Let Tania Tomyn walk you through everything.

Tania Tomyn 4
Tania Tomyn 4

A Californian company that specializes in Interior Finish Solutions has made a name for itself thanks to CEO Tania Tomyn. Even in today’s modern society, it’s rare to see women lead large companies, especially in the construction industry. Tania Tomyn has been CEO and owned other companies but knew she had to set her interior finish subcontracting company apart from all the others in order to stand out and be successful. Not only is RetroLock corporation thriving, but it has also successfully taken on massive high-profile projects that put it at the very top of interior finish companies in the California area.

RetroLock Corporation provides its clients with products like doors, frames, hardware, finish carpentry, millwork, and others. Tania Tomyn offers more than just products, however. Her company works with clients from the creation of the vision all the way down to installation. This ensures a high-quality end result that is executed with extreme attention to detail.

As CEO, Tania Tomyn cares about her clients and strives to provide the type of experience she would personally like to have on the other end. Her passion for customer service has brought the most value possible to clients by bringing a wide variety of services and options to one place all under one roof, saving clients time and money in the long run.

Tania Tomyn really set RetroLock Corporation apart from the rest when she decided the company would also work with clients on design. After consulting with the client to fully understand their vision, RetroLock works with Architects to create the perfect product while staying within specified budgets. Small details make the biggest impact on projects and tie an entire concept together. Tania Tomyn has an eye for design and beauty and wants to share that with others.

Clients can expect to be guided through the entire process and work behind the scenes with pre-construction teams. Tania Tomyn values sticking to her word, meaning RetroLock Corporation always strives to deliver installation according to schedule. Her company is setting a new standard in the industry for interior finish solutions, and the market reflects just that. More is being demanded from subcontractors, and RetroLock works diligently to assist developers and general contractors with hitting their goals.

Based in Orange, Ca., and Concord, Ca., RetroLock Corporation continues to see quick and substantial growth with a new location now operating in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Montana. Tania Tomyn leads her team in a positive direction with a focus on investing in clients specific needs. For more information visit: