Retrolock Corporation’s CEO, Tania Tomyn Makes Major Announcement Regarding Hiring And Dynamic Growth At Retrolock

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Tania Tomyn Tania Tomyn

Tania Tomyn, CEO of Retrolock Corporation (also known as Retrolock and RLC), is proud to announce that Retrolock Corporation has successfully on-boarded 10 new employees in the month of August 2019. Retrolock is an interior finish and sub-contracting company that is thriving as a leader in interior finish scopes and continues to take on high-profile projects in California. The interior scopes include doors, frames, hardware, finish carpentry, millwork, and access control. Accordingly, Retrolock Corporation is attracting and hiring top industry performers to support its dynamic growth. Tania Tomyn said, “that the August 2019 new hires include DFH and Millwork Project Managers, Senior and Associate level Estimators, Operations Coordinator, Company Controller, an Executive Administrative Assistant, a warehousemen/driver, and a purchasing department associate.”

Tania Tomyn also said that “Retrolock is seeking additional DFH Project Managers for its Southern California and Northern California offices. Also, Retrolock is seeking an Associate Estimator for its Montana office. Additionally, RLC is seeking advanced Assistant Project Managers with DFH experience that can be trained to be Project Managers at Retrolock.” Tomyn said that the success that Retrolock has had attracting and hiring the “best of the best” has been driven in part by the unlimited opportunity for advancement at Retrolock, RLC’s understanding of the market’s strong compensation rates, Retrolock’s workplace environment and its warm employee-friendly culture. For additional information regarding the open positions available at Retrolock, please email [email protected]

Additionally, Retrolock Corporation will soon be announcing the onboarding of its new Access Control Division manager. At present, Retrolock is performing Access Control installations, but its growth in the Access Control space is cause for RLC to create a separate division for Access Control and hire an Access Control divisional leader. Also, outstanding Access Control services, as provided by RLC will further enhance Retrolock’s value, as a fully integrated interior scope service provider.

Based in Orange, Ca., and Concord, Ca., RetroLock Corporation continues to see quick and substantial growth with additional locations operating in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Montana. Tania Tomyn leads her team in a positive direction with a focus on investing in clients’ specific needs. For more information visit: