Rhino Shield Covers Wisconsin with Superior Products

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Rhino Shield Superior Products Rhino Shield Superior Products

With Rhino Shield’s patented ceramic coating technology, businesses and homeowners everywhere agree that you will never have to paint again. Rhino Shield’s elastomeric ceramic exterior wall coating systems are ideal for virtually any building substrate including wood, stucco, brick, and block. Rhino Shield products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and applied with conventional professional painting equipment. Owned and operated out of Wisconsin, Rhino Shield has manufactured high-quality tech-driven products in the United States since 1964. As leaders in the industry, Rhino Shield understands the importance of consistency among products that residents and business owners can stand behind.

Among Rhino Shield’s incredible lineup of primers and coatings stands the Adhesive primer sealer. The APS is a transparent elastomeric acrylic with excellent waterproofing, as well as incredible bonding and sealing properties. Designed to revitalize, strengthen and prepare surfaces for the durable finish coat, the APS is perfect for colder climates. The bond formed between the APS and the substrate can reduce the possibility of moisture under the finish coat, instantly extending the life of your coating considerably. The adhesive primer sealer will also be used for fissure cracks in stucco walls in conjunction with Rhino Shield’s top of the line durable finish coat.

Rhino Shield’s durable finish coat is perfect for all weather conditions. The DFC is an elastomeric ceramic topcoat. This material has properties being able to regain its original shape. This makes Rhino Shield’s DFC coat capable of waterproofing, insulating, soundproofing and reflecting UV rays all the while protecting businesses and residential homes everywhere. In any climate, the durable finish coat offers superior mildew and mold resistance along with a class a fire rating for extra protection and peace of mind. Unlike cheaper versions, Rhino Shield’s DFC breathes incredibly, leaving room for natural water vapors to escape the coating while still retaining its sealing capabilities. Rhino Shield designed the DFC to work perfectly with the APS primer and may be tinted to virtually any hue you desire.

When it comes to self-priming, most products don’t hold up. At Rhino Shield, the SPC is a highly breathable acrylic primer that offers waterproofing, excellent coverage and superior adhesion. Formulated with a blend of high-level resins and ceramic spheres, the self-priming coat offers insulation and soundproofing benefits that no other competitors have. This durable primer couldn’t be easier to apply and Rhino Shield offers the ability to tint the SPC to assist with color changes.

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