Rhino Shield Creates Eco-friendly Paints

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Rhino Shield Eco friendly Paints Rhino Shield Eco friendly Paints

As a leader in the community, Rhino Shield of Jacksonville is always looking for ways to innovate our line, through better products that are durable and eco-friendly.

Our paint is no exception. While traditional exterior paint is typically over 60% water, Rhino Shield is almost 80% solids, another reason it lasts so long. Rhino Shield’s ceramic microspheres replace traditional paint fillers such as chalk. These tightly packed microspheres provide an insulating barrier against heat, UV rays, and coating breakdowns that can occur over time.

Another benefit of Rhino Shield’s paint is that it can dry up to 8-10 times thicker due to the overwhelming percentage of solids, offering greater protection and insulation benefits than traditional paint. Because traditional paint will require constant repainting typically every 3-5 years, Rhino Shield can save you money and offers a high level of convenience to all of our customers by eliminating the need for repainting for up to 25 years. By providing a 25-year warranty, we guarantee our business and residential customers will save thousands of dollars on repair costs.

Using Rhino Shield not only protects your valuable property from the elements but can increase the resale value of your home. With a transferable warranty, Rhino Shield becomes a reselling feature for many homeowners often appearing in MLS listings as an added benefit and layer of protection for any home.

In line with the added benefits of our paint, Rhino Shield’s ceramic based paint systems are also extremely eco-friendly, which can save the planet and your wallet over time. The Rhino Shield system can outlast all industry leading latex paints by 50% or more, eliminating the amount of energy, transportation and raw materials consumed through painting more frequently.

By containing less than 100 grams per liter of Volatile Organic Compounds, Rhino Shield is not only safe on the environment but also approved for solid waste landfill disposal. Rhino Shield is also a non-toxic, low odor and safe for skin contact and is also a low-e product that reduces thermal conductivity which provides additional insulation to your building or home, saving on cooling costs in the warm Florida months and energy consumption. Rhino Shield’s durable finish coat has also received a Class A fire rating, making our product inflammable and a great choice for dry areas prone to wildfires.

As a proud member of the Florida Green Building Coalition, Rhino Shield is always looking for ways to make more eco-friendly, and longer lasting products that benefit our customers, and the environment.

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