Rhino Shield Innovates Through Ceramic Coating Business

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Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating Business Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating Business

Rhino Shield has one goal: to be leaders in the ceramic coating industry, creating happy customers, and safer homes. Since inception, Rhino Shield has been a leader in pioneering the development of ceramic elastomeric wall coating. Rhino Shield breaks the mold of stereotypical paint coating companies, with a revolutionary product that keeps getting better.

“Especially because of the weather in Jacksonville, making sure paint coating is a top priority often goes missed with clients,” explains Rick Mariano, owner of the Rhino Shield dealership in Jacksonville. “Rhino Shield can always guarantee one thing, once a business or residential home uses RS, they will never paint again.”

Rhino Shield developed a disruptive wall coating technology that breaks the perpetual exterior painting cycle with its proprietary and revolutionary ceramic coating. Rhino Shield can eliminate frequent residential and business repainting projects because of a superior adhesion and ceramic coating technology, developed right here in Jacksonville, Florida at the original Rhino Shield. This coating looks like exterior latex paint, but dries 10x greater, leaving a perfect thickness on walls in an array of stunning colors.

“Rhino Shield is always heading back to the lab to make sure RS meets the highest quality standards,” explains Rick Mariano, owner of the Rhino Shield dealership in Jacksonville. “Rhino Shield exceeds key tests for durability and performance, after rigorous testing by BASF labs, and simply put, it means Rhino Shield has created the safest ceramic coating product on the market.”

There has never been a greater time in history to care more about being environmentally friendly. Rhino Shield is proud to contain low VOC’s and zero toxins. Rhino Shield also carries almost no odor and is flame resistant, and waterproofs homes and businesses. This can allow for natural water vapors to escape due to its superior breathability properties, thus preventing a coating breakdown through Rhino-Clear technology. Through a clear-coat waterproofing sealer, Rhino-Clear protects, waterproofs, and adds a level of beauty to most surfaces, while decreasing the growth of mold, mildew, and algae. It is 100% acrylic and purposefully designed to penetrate porous surfaces and provide an excellent film formation over pre-existing painted surfaces.

Rhino Shield can cover any type of building, handling all seasons and weather patterns. At Rhino Shield innovation comes first. Rhino Shield is constantly creating robust product formulas to achieve the level of superior quality businesses and homeowners have grown accustomed to over the years. Whether it’s innovative solutions for extreme northern climates or covering businesses in beautiful Key West, as long as businesses are standing, Rhino Shield will keep inventing ways to protect businesses everywhere.

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