Rhino Shield Jacksonville offers a behind the scenes look at operations

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Rhino Shield Pushes the Paint Industry Forward Rhino Shield Pushes the Paint Industry Forward
Rhino Shield Jacksonville

Ceramic coating business Rhino Shield of Jacksonville shares a brief history and a behind the scenes look at its premium wall coating system.

First established in 2000 and now a recognized leader in America’s premium wall coating industry, Rhino Shield has enjoyed both impressive and consistent year-on-year growth since its inception almost two decades ago.

“With many home improvement businesses, it’s ‘here today and gone tomorrow,'” suggests Rick Mariano, owner of Rhino Shield Jacksonville, “yet with us, that’s simply not the case, as reflected in the company’s impressive history.”

“Almost 20 years ago, there was one simple goal when founding the company,” Mariano continues, “which was to provide the most durable and long-lasting ceramic wall coating product on the market, capable of once-and-for-all ending the traditional cycle of painting and repainting.”

Investing over a year into painstaking research, Rhino Shield’s team ascertained that ceramics offered the key to providing not only durability and solar ray reflectivity, but additional breathe ability, too. “It was found that breathe ability was the crucial characteristic required for Rhino Shield to be able to pridefully and reliably guarantee the durability of the product,” explains Rhino Shield Jacksonville owner Mariano.

Consulting with top chemists and manufacturing partners, intensive product development began in earnest. “A year later, the Rhino Shield system was born,” adds Mariano. The finished product, he says, utilizes cutting-edge elastomeric ceramic technology, thoroughly field tested and proven highly effective in terms of both durability and insulation by leading independent laboratories.

Furthermore, a key element of the system’s successful business model, suggests Mariano, speaking from Rhino Shield of Jacksonville’s base on the northeastern Florida city’s Western Way, is its network of certified applicators. “Many apply,” he points out, “yet few are accepted, and all have significant prior professional home improvement experience in either the coating or paint industry.”

A testament to operations at the company, Rhino Shield Jacksonville is A-rated with the nonprofit Better Business Bureau whose mission is to focus on advancing marketplace trust throughout the United States. “Businesses such as ourselves who are rated by the Better Business Bureau are bound to adhere to its impeccable standards,” adds Mariano of the firm’s commitment to the bureau’s mission, and whose motto proudly states ‘Start With Trust.’

“To guide our business at Rhino Shield Jacksonville,” he continues, “we subscribe to a straightforward set of values.”

These, says the owner, are unquestioned integrity and honesty, superior ongoing innovation, and a commitment to both the very highest quality product and best-in-class customer service. “Accordingly, and thanks to a relentless focus on product development and rigorous attention to detail, we’re confident that clients will find the Rhino Shield system to be the stand out choice for protecting their homes or businesses from destructive outside elements.”

“Choose Rhino Shield Jacksonville,” he adds, wrapping up, “and never paint again!”