Rhino Shield Jacksonville Presents a Selection of the Brand’s Ever-Evolving Range of Products

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Rhino Shield Jacksonville Commercial Applications for its Ceramic Coating Technology Rhino Shield Jacksonville Commercial Applications for its Ceramic Coating Technology

Rhino Shield Jacksonville owner and founder Rick Mariano provides a detailed look at the company’s extensive range of coating solutions.

From the brand’s Adhesive Primer Sealer to its highly-regarded Durable Finish Coat, Rhino Shield’s extensive range of coating solutions continues to grow. The result of almost two decades of continuous research and refinement, Rhino Shield Jacksonville owner and founder Rick Mariano presents a closer look at a selection of Rhino Shield’s ever-evolving range of products, which has grown to include more recent additions such as Rhino-Clear and Nature’s Cote.

“Our range of exterior wall coating systems provides the ideal solution for almost any building material,” explains Mariano, “including wood, brick, stucco, and block.”

Rhino Shield Jacksonville’s products, he says, are also non-toxic, eco-friendly, and can often be applied with traditional professional painting equipment. “Furthermore, each of our products is produced in a cutting edge U.S. manufacturing facility boasting industry-leading quality controls designed to ensure consistency,” adds Mariano.

From the brand’s Self Priming Coat to its revolutionary Red-Iron Metal Primer, Rhino Shield Jacksonville takes coatings innovation extremely seriously, according to Mariano. “We’re heavily invested in constantly researching and refining our product formulas,” he reveals, “to ensure superior levels of quality and performance; something which Rhino Shield Jacksonville customers have come to know and expect.”

Recent innovations include Rhino Shield’s super-breathable Self Priming Coat, as well as an all-new system designed for extreme northern climates, called Protective Finish Coat. “Also recently launched is our latest so-called ‘ten-year system,’ known as Ceramic One Coat,” adds Mariano.

Highly cost-effective and loaded with ceramic coating technology, Ceramic One Coat has addressed a need for a more price-conscious, high-performance, ceramic-based coating solution, according to Rhino Shield Jacksonville. “Ceramic One Coat,” Mariano explains, “represents a superior exterior paint formulated with top-grade acrylic resins, ceramic microspheres, and an industry-leading level of pigment.”

He continues, “Self-priming and a one-coat-only solution, Ceramic One Coat guarantees all of the usual Rhino Shield benefits, from waterproofing to insulation and everything in between.”

Other products highlighted by Mariano include Rhino Shield Jacksonville’s Red-Iron Metal Primer, Rhino-Clear, and Nature’s Cote. “More environmentally friendly than many other red iron oxide formulas, Rhino Shield’s Red-Iron Metal Primer is designed both to prime and to help slow down existing rust,” he explains.

“Rhino-Clear, meanwhile,” the Rhino Shield Jacksonville boss continues, “is a waterproofing clear-coat sealer, which waterproofs, further protects, and visually enhances most porous, non-porous, and previously painted surfaces, suppressing the growth of mildew, mold, and algae.”

Finally, Mariano touches briefly on Nature’s Cote. “Nature’s Cote is a high-performance ceramic paint for interior surfaces, formulated to provide unmatched levels of durability,” he adds, wrapping up, “particularly in regards to abrasion resistance.”

To learn more about Rhino Shield Jacksonville, please head to http://www.rhinoshieldjax.com/ or call 904-519-5055.