Rhino Shield Offers Guidance on Knowing When it’s Time to Repaint Your Home or Business

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Rhino Shield When it’s Time to Repaint Rhino Shield When it’s Time to Repaint
Rhino Shield Jacksonville

It can be difficult to catch the signs of deteriorating paint. Rhino Shield offers expert advice on knowing when it’s the to repaint your home or business.

Most of the customers that come to Rhino Shield express their frustration with normal paint products and subpar companies, and rightfully so. Most paint products will not hold up under the Florida sun and will require you to repaint every 6-8 years which can be expensive and costly.

For over a decade, Rhino Shield of Jacksonville has successful installed over 10,000 Rhino Shield coats and is continuing to grow using our state of the art ceramic wall coating technology, breaking the typical painting cycle and ensuring that your place of business and home will be covered for up to 25 years, an industry best warranty.

Rhino Shield always recommends calling our expert technicians to get a quote on your home but there are a few key areas you can pay attention to, to see if you might need to repaint.

It’s important to pay attention to flaking or cracking paint, this can be a sign of dry rot, wet rot or even mold caused by the harsh weather conditions in Florida and a lack of proper preparation from previous painters. This is common in Jacksonville because of the extreme humidity, storms and blowing sand as well as the ocean breezes, all of which can be avoided by switching over to Rhino Shield.

If you can see that your paint is fading, it might be time to call Rhino Shield. Because of the sun in Florida, your paint can become sun bleached, and dark hues of color will always tend to fade a little faster in this climate. Some tips to pay attention to are paint stains dripping throughout various parts of the house because this can be an indication of water intrusion or leaks, all of which can be fixed by calling the expert technicians at Rhino Shield.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to call Rhino Shield. We see many customers and businesses that have waited too long and the damage becomes very costly to repair. If you notice paint chips, fading walls or other warning signs that are visible to you, it’s most likely time to repaint. Calling Rhino Shield early will minimize damage to the exterior of your home or business and can prevent thousands of dollars in damages by catching problems early.

If you have questions concerning your business or home and would like to schedule a consultation from Rhino Shield, you can connect with them by clicking here.