Rhino Shield Offers Tips for Protecting Homes

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Rhino Shield Offers Tips for Protecting Homes Rhino Shield Offers Tips for Protecting Homes

Rhino Shield Offers Tips for Protecting Homes

Rhino Shield – Tips for Protecting Homes

The winter months are finally upon us, and Rhino Shield wants to help everyone in Wisconsin protect their homes over the holiday season.


At the heart of Rhino Shield is a commitment to best in class customer service, designing a product to eliminate the need for continuous painting, and to help our customers throughout the state learn more about their homes and invest in products that will ultimately make their lives better.


For decades, Rhino Shield has been serving the great people of Wisconsin, and we are looking forward to many many more great years ahead of us. Here are some of our favorite tips for protecting your home during the winter months.


It’s incredibly important to remember to turn off exterior lines of water around the house.


Pipes can freeze if there is a backup of water still left inside, which can cause burst piping because the frozen water expands deep inside. You can easily begin by disconnecting all garden hoses and draining the water out of the exterior faucets before it gets too cold. It will be important to remember this for homes that are over ten years old. Another tip Rhino Shield recommends is leaving one faucet in the house on a slow drip when it gets cold out so that your pipes don’t freeze in the evening time.  


Don’t forget to also call a professional to drain your lawn irrigation system, this will help with preventing any pipes from freezing as well. Making sure that you keep pipes will clear of water will prevent a headache in the future.


As it starts to get colder, it’s important to remember to have someone check out your heating system in case any repairs are needed. Find a technician who can inspect your furnace or heating unit to make sure that the entire system is clean and in good working order so that the heating system can achieve its full potential. Rhino Shield also recommends doing this, so that you can get an annual check-up to make sure that there isn’t a carbon monoxide leak. It’s important to call and schedule an appointment sooner than later because it will get increasingly more busy and difficult to book an appointment during the holidays.

The winter months can be difficult on your home and Rhino Shield is happy to be here an help. To learn more about our incredible products and connect with Rhino Shield today, click here.