Rhino Shield Stands Up to Florida Weather

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Rhino Shield Florida Weather Rhino Shield Florida Weather

With the heat, heavy rains, hurricanes and humidity, maintaining the exterior paint on your home can almost seem impossible. As a founding location, Rhino Shield of Jacksonville was formed in response to the harsh weather climates of Florida, that show no signs of slowing down. Regular paint just can’t hold up to the tropical storms, and the volume of water coupled with the blistering heat Florida experiences year round.

“Designed for Floridians, by Floridians, Rhino Shield is the solution for never painting again,” explained Rick Mariano, owner of Rhino Shield of Jacksonville. “Our products are specifically designed to stand up to this type of weather, and after thousands of installations, we stand by Rhino Shield.”

As a nationally accredited company, Rhino Shield has called the city of Jacksonville home for twenty years, offering residents and businesses best in class customer service, a superior product, and a phenomenal warranty as well.

Rhino Shield of Jacksonville wanted to design a product that would become the industry standard, leading with innovation to create a protective coating that was unmatched by competitors. The Rhino Shield technology combines a traditional waterborne acrylic with patented 3M ceramic microspheres. The shield in Rhino Shield supplies a impenetrable barrier between the elements and your home. Rhino Shield is the ultimate paint job, the ceramic coating passed a battery of national tests with the BASF, the world’s leading chemical company.

Rhino Shield’s benefits run the gamut from mildew and corrosion resistance to ultravio­let light reflectivity, famously coming in a wide array of expansive colors, is waterproof, soundproof and will insulate both your residential and commercial properties, making Rhino Shield the most versatile product on the market, and now Rhino Shield of Jacksonville is servicing pool decks and patio coatings, completely redefining the business.

Rhino Shields developers are so confident about the strength of their product that the war­ranty is valid for 25 years and is 100 percent transferable from one homeowner to the next. Rhino Shields first priority is customer satisfaction. Whatever your intent, Rhino Shield is sure to provide a pleth­ora of protection for the exterior of your residential or commercial building. From reducing energy costs and preventing costly repairs to adding seller value and aesthetic appeal, Rhino Shield is certainly a standout in the harsh Florida climates, providing a much-needed solution to take care of your home.

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