Rhino Shield Wisconsin | Proprietary Ceramic Elastomeric Wall Coating

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Rhino Shield Wisconsin Rhino Shield Wisconsin

Rhino Shield Wisconsin | Ceramic Wall Coating

Rhino Shield Wisconsin is the leading provider of ceramic coating in their area. Sadly the turn around ratio for business owners in the repair industry is high. We are seeing more shops open and quickly close more than ever before. Unlike most, Rhino Shield Wisconsin has weathered every type of climate and is still serving customers nationwide. With roots in Wisconsin, Rhino Shield established in 2000.

Very much like the local communities, Rhino Shield calls Wisconsin home. They can’t help but appreciate the growth the company has experienced nationally. Growing to become a recognized leader in the premium wall coating industry.</span style=”font-weight: 300;”>

Furthermore, vinyl siding was the only known alternative to the very expensive exterior wall painting. which seemed like a never-ending cycle for businesses and residential owners everywhere. Rhino Shield knew that the key to solving this lied in ceramics, providing quality and stability. Quality brought by the solar ray reflection and a remarkably breathable outer coat. This was the essential trait that all but guaranteed what has become known today as Rhino.

Rhino Shield has partnered with some of the brightest chemists in the country. Entering a research and development phase that lasted a year. This ensured the integrity of the product was immaculate. Utilizing state of the art polymer ceramic technology, the Rhino Shield method was born. Furthermore, this system is a time-tested creation by the best leading labs included the famous BASF.


Make Coating Easier with Rhino Shield Wisconsin

Extensive lab and field testing over a decade have accurately cemented Rhino as industry leader. Moreso, one of the most durable and insulated products on the market to date. Independent dealer applicators are another key element that makes Rhino Shield unique. Helping to create partnerships across the nation. Wisconsin is proud to be apart of that Rhino Shield Wisconsin Legacy.

Rhino has a family view of the world. Equally important, treating each employee and customer as with compassion and integrity. Rhino does this by making sure that each installation has that high-quality ceramic coat. Guaranteed to last.

Rhino Shield Wisconsin is guided by a small set of principles. An honest attitude that they hold themselves accountable to on a daily basis. No matter where you are in Wisconsin. No matter what home or business you have, Rhino Shield is here to help. With our ceramic coating is the best system to protect you from the outside elements.

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